Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Magic of 2018

The first quarter of 2018 felt more like 2017: trying, tiring, and tumultuous. It was a time of deep cleaning and preparation for the gifts that we are about to receive. Through this 3D inner metamorphosis to 5D, we can now emerge fresh from our chrysalis. It's time to dry off our wings and learn how to fly in all our splendor.

The rest of 2018 will feel much different. We finally awaken to the grandest version of ourselves and the greatest vision of our work. We have held them lovingly in our hearts, knowing that one day we would step into our divine destiny. That day is here.

As we renew our commitment to our life's mission and slowly create our work step-by-step, we open the cosmic door to our treasure chest. Synchronicity abounds. When we align our heart, mind, body, and spirit with our soul's mission, we create a portal through which divine dispensation flows. The more we do our inner work, the more we attract opportunities to share our outer work with others. This is the true abundance of 5D: exquisite bliss from being of service to the One Heart.

We awaken fully to our our creative power. We realize that, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we too, have had the power all along. But the power that we are wielding now comes from our heart, not our head. The One Heart wrote it into our software that we could only become fully empowered once our heart is fully open.

I recently experienced a plethora of uncanny synchronicity and the most profound heart opening of my life. My heart longed for someone that would know me on a soul level, someone with which I could share my deepest desires and share in my work. I could never have imagined how everything that I had dreamt of could unfold so beautifully and effortlessly before me. Love and magic do come from the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected ways. 

Your miracle will appear soon if it hasn't already. Be patient this year for you are building a firm foundation that will last a lifetime. Saturn in Capricorn requires it. Pay attention to your intuition and follow every bit of guidance. Create like the God that you are. Love even more than you thought possible for this is the key that opens the magical door to your heart's desires.