Wednesday, August 8, 2018

3, 2, 1 Eclipses!

In just a matter of days, the last of the trilogy of eclipses will arrive. This triad has been tedious, trying, and tiring and it's not over yet. The last eclipse on August 11, just days after the Lion's Gate, will be the icing on the cake. This one may seal the deal for the remainder of your life. You had better get clear about what your heart desires. What you think your heart wants and what it truly wants may not be the same. Be authentic and true to yourself even if what your heart wants goes against societal norms or what others think you should do. Whatever you ask for on this day, will come to pass. Be careful what you wish for because you will get it.

Well, you say, that sounds great! Not so fast. First we have some diving to do into our deepest wounds, karmic connections and contracts, worn out beliefs closet, and past patterns. These are the things that have been holding us steady for so long. Think of the analogy of a rocket on a launch pad. You are the rocket. What keeps the rocket upright are the supports holding onto it. We needed these supports to keep us from tipping over (self-destruction) and from taking off too soon. The supports are those wounds, karmic connections and contracts, worn out beliefs, and past patterns. In order for a successful launch, these "supports" must fall away.

Photo Courtesy of NASA

But a rocket needs more than its supports to fall away in order to launch. It needs fuel. What fuels your desires? What is your passion - the one that comes from living your heart's deepest desires? This eclipse asks you to get crystal clear about what your heart is passionate about. Know with a certainty what your heart truly wants no matter how grandiose it may sound. There is no compromising anymore. Only the grandest vision of the greatest version of who you are will do.

This eclipse is our launch pad. Just look at the astrology chart for a few days before. Doesn't it feel like a launch pad? (This is a screen shot of the chart for August 7, 2018 taken of the Leo King's YouTube video "Deep Astrology Weekly August 7-13, 2018 )
Intense, huh? You betcha. Identify and clear those worn out beliefs, past patterns, karmic connections and contracts that no longer serve you. Heal what you can or cut your losses and go. It's time to take off. Lift off is a precisely timed event. There is no more time to deliberate, decipher, or get mired in the details. Go into your heart and do its bidding now. Time to take off! 

May you land all of your heart's deepest desires, live your passion and find your bliss.