Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Magic of 2018

The first quarter of 2018 felt more like 2017: trying, tiring, and tumultuous. It was a time of deep cleaning and preparation for the gifts that we are about to receive. Through this 3D inner metamorphosis to 5D, we can now emerge fresh from our chrysalis. It's time to dry off our wings and learn how to fly in all our splendor.

The rest of 2018 will feel much different. We finally awaken to the grandest version of ourselves and the greatest vision of our work. We have held them lovingly in our hearts, knowing that one day we would step into our divine destiny. That day is here.

As we renew our commitment to our life's mission and slowly create our work step-by-step, we open the cosmic door to our treasure chest. Synchronicity abounds. When we align our heart, mind, body, and spirit with our soul's mission, we create a portal through which divine dispensation flows. The more we do our inner work, the more we attract opportunities to share our outer work with others. This is the true abundance of 5D: exquisite bliss from being of service to the One Heart.

We awaken fully to our our creative power. We realize that, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we too, have had the power all along. But the power that we are wielding now comes from our heart, not our head. The One Heart wrote it into our software that we could only become fully empowered once our heart is fully open.

I recently experienced a plethora of uncanny synchronicity and the most profound heart opening of my life. My heart longed for someone that would know me on a soul level, someone with which I could share my deepest desires and share in my work. I could never have imagined how everything that I had dreamt of could unfold so beautifully and effortlessly before me. Love and magic do come from the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected ways. 

Your miracle will appear soon if it hasn't already. Be patient this year for you are building a firm foundation that will last a lifetime. Saturn in Capricorn requires it. Pay attention to your intuition and follow every bit of guidance. Create like the God that you are. Love even more than you thought possible for this is the key that opens the magical door to your heart's desires.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Taking the Wheel

Wiped clean. Fresh start. Blank slate. Pure potential. Uncharted territory.

Can you relate to any of these phrases? We are in a new time and a new place - a place where humanity has never visited before. A new day and a new dawn is breaking. Everything is different and more importantly, everything works differently.

Welcome to human 2.0. Not only has our operating system been changed, but the machine itself, our body, has changed. The Adam Kadmon (the perfect body that merges with God) is awakening in many of us, allowing our full potential as co-creators with God to emerge. We are now conscious "real-time" creators of our life. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall open for you - not twelve years from now, not twelve weeks from now but maybe twelve days from now or less! As I wrote in my first book, In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul, "If we truly believe we can create our reality, then synchronicity happens immediately. The perceived time lapse between the thought and its manifestation is decreasing now. This time lapse facilitated your slumber and allowed for the illusion of powerlessness to pervade your minds until now. This is what it means to awaken."

Have you noticed that you are manifesting more quickly now? Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Notice what emotions are coming up, old patterns that are surfacing to be cleared, and what manifests because of them. Recently, I was clearing an old pattern and I manifested a series of physical symptoms from the flu, to a bout of dizziness that kept me in bed for a day, a very painful rib that went out of alignment, and a fall all within a month! I'm not saying that your clearing or thoughts will manifest in this way. We all process our inner work differently. The point is things will show up rapidly and repeatedly until we shift our thoughts and emotions. I also had the experience of thinking of something I would like and then someone gives it to me without asking!

We can no longer live by default and let the Universe choose for us. The quick pick is no longer available for life's lottery. We have to pick our numbers. It's time to move from passive disempowered complacency to actively co-creating the life we envision.

Taking the wheel of creation can be a bit intimidating. In 2004, I performed a death and rebirth ceremony for myself. After the ceremony, I remember feeling similar to how I feel now. I wrote about it in In the Key of Life: "I asked for freedom and now that it is here, I find myself without a clear focus and my energy scattered. I would call myself back, but I don't know whom I am calling. I know I do not choose to call back the person I was. Is this what it feels like to be God? To know that I am like an Etch A Sketch wiped clean and waiting for the next creation to appear is daunting. I am the sea of pure potentiality.I felt it in my body, so much power. I want to run away and yet I know I must step into my power. It takes incredible courage to walk into it and say, 'I am God incarnate. I am the divine in form. Now I create.' Now I manifest, not from old unconscious thought patterns, but from each breath of my being and each word I utter...."

To successfully maneuver this energy, keep focused on your goal. Each day, revisit, revise, and refine what you choose to create and take at least one tangible step towards its manifestation. Show the Universe that you are in the driver seat of your dreams and watch what the Universe steers your way. 

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2018 - Time to Land!

As we reflect on all the blessings, sorrows, pain, and joy that 2017 brought us, it's hard not to take a sigh of relief that it's almost over. The world has seen historical natural disasters, societal tensions and riots, changes in governments and their leaders, the degradation of our natural resources, and the threat of nuclear war in just twelve short months. I, for one, am happy to bid 2017 good-bye.

Saturn is a planet that likes to hold your feet to the fire to be sure that the grandest version of yourself is manifest in the world. It moves into Capricorn next week. Capricorn is an Earth sign and Saturn wants us to make our dreams a physical reality. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 literally unearthing what we individually and collectively have kept hidden. Uranus, the planet of sudden change, will move into Taurus (another Earth sign) in May of 2018. Our physical reality is about to change but Taurus will slow the pace a bit. Baby steps and going with the flow work best with this energy. What does all of this mean?

With so many slow planets in Earth signs, it's clear that it's time to ground our dreams and physically carry out our life's work - the reason we came to Earth at this crucial time. Saturn in Capricorn is here to help and Uranus in Taurus is here to insure that we build our new life slowly and steadily. These planets and their placements remind us that we are Earthlings in addition to spiritual beings.

Now is a good time to prepare your soil so that you can lay down roots in 2018. Meditate on what your heart beckons you to do. Give thanks for all of the lessons and blessings that you received in 2017. Do a ceremony to release the past five years of limbo land for it is finally time to land! 

May you manifest your heart's deepest desires and ground your life's work in 2018. 

Thank you for all of your support and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

7 Steps to Manifesting Meditation

As the Great American Eclipse draws near, I wanted to share a powerful meditation with you to do on the day of the eclipse to take full advantage of this once in a lifetime energy. These seven steps are from my book, Hardwired to Heaven: Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires. The book describes in detail the science and spirituality behind using your heart's electromagnetic field to create. This eclipse is opening the portal in our hearts, our sacred coordinates, to the power of the Universe - love.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

All About the Heart

I asked myself this morning how I would define success in life. My definition came without hesitation: How well do I follow my heart? Then I reviewed my life to see how successful I have been.

Even as a child, I always wanted to do something with my life that would help people. My natural love of science and my innate curiosity with the heart led me to pursue a career as a cardiologist. I worked as an electrocardiograph technician in college. One day I overheard a bunch of interns in the hallway talking about the patients in not so nice terms. In that moment, I decided that was not the career I wanted. My career is about the heart and I found no heart in anything they had said that day. Even though it was an "isolated incident," it is still blazoned in my memory. Because of that experience and the loss of both of my parents shortly after, what I thought was my heart's desire was about to change.

I went from job to job for a while not knowing where my heart was taking me. I taught high school biology for a time, then I entered the Army Reserve and became a medical laboratory technician, and then began a career as an industrial hygienist for OSHA. This showed me that the only thing that will really change "the working conditions" of America is a change in consciousness, not a change in laws. I left and began a career as an alternative health practitioner. I became a massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner and taught massage and Reiki. My interest in spirituality blossomed and it became my passion.

Even in love, I followed my heart instead of the norm. I had been attracted to women and thought that I would find my partner in the military. My heart led me to her within two years of enlisting. I thought what my heart wanted at the time was the "American Dream" but my heart wanted more. After 14 years, I left my partner and the home that we had built together for what I thought was another relationship when it was just the Universe's way of helping me to leave. Within a year, I left everything and everyone I loved to move to Sedona and follow my heart's passion.

I immersed myself in the metaphysical and learned and cleared much. I wrote my first book, In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul and did much of the research for my second book, Hardwired to Heaven: Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires while in Sedona

I traveled across the U.S. ten times. My last trip to the Pacific Northwest was the most magical because I truly followed my heart. What I felt, I created. I manifested a beautiful house in Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast where I wrote the chapter on Blood and Water for Hardwired to Heaven while overlooking the Pacific Ocean each day. The trip took me back to Sedona to see that this time of intense learning and traveling was coming to an end. I returned to New York and lived with my sister. My days of traveling and searching had depleted much of my resources.

I've spent the last six years reliving and clearing old patterns. Who hasn't?! Hardwired to Heaven and my third book, Into the Heart of Love: Decoding Love's Hidden Power, were published during this time. Everything I did to get Hardwired to Heaven out there seemed to evaporate. I was judged by my family for not getting a "real job." I entered the dark night of the soul and at one point wanted to end it all, thinking that I was a failure and there was no reason to stay if I was not able to do my work.  

I looked back on my life today and saw that even when it was not "normal" to leave a good paying career, to have a same sex partner, to leave home without knowing where I would live or how I would support myself, to write books that many people did not yet understand, and through the enormous intensity of this ascension roller-coaster, I still and always, followed my heart. How could I not? An astrologer told me that I came to heal the heart and now I see that my life has always been all about the heart. 

What we gather materially in this life does not matter to the soul. What matters is how well we follow our hearts in service of the One Heart.

"Your soul's treasure chest is buried within the sacred coordinate in your heart. There you will find the riches of the Universe." ~ Hardwired to Heaven.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Love's Door

Well, what a spring it has been! Some days feel like we are on a runaway train and others feel like the train can't get out of the station. The energy has been erratic, sporadic, and super-fast and has taken a toll on every level of our being.

According to the astrology for 2017, things are supposed to get better for us after this weekend. Some astrologers liken this energy to a portal or doorway to a new life and a new way of living our lives.With the north node in Leo and the south node in Aquarius, I feel it is all about going into our hearts, living our hearts' desires, and letting love lead the way. It's time to express ourselves in a new way that is uniquely ours and true to the reason the One Heart brought us here in the first place.

Love's doorway to the soul is now opening. As this doorway to the divine opens in each of our hearts, it connects us to the Source of love itself. This sacred coordination of love and light ignites the passion within our hearts, which provides the fuel needed to propel us into this new life. 

Love is creative energy - the primal spark from which the Universe was formed. At this pivotal time, we have all the resources we need to create our hearts' desires and live the life we came here to live - all because we are awakening to the truth and power of love.

As I wrote in my new book, Into the Heart of Love: Decoding Love's Hidden Power: "When we finally realize that love is more than an emotion, understand the real reason why the heart is associated with love, and learn how to tap into the infinite power of love through the heart, we will change the world."

This week, take some time to go within your heart and open love's door. See what gifts love has in store for you.

Available now through Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Decision and Mission of a Lifetime

Into the dark we go! With the sun in Scorpio and still under the influence of a new moon in Scorpio on October 30, it is time to dig deep and unearth all that we individually and collectively buried long ago. Things we thought were long past rear their heads again to show us where we still have some work to do or what no longer serves us. The big question being asked now is "Who do we choose to be?" Do we choose to stay stuck in the mud or do we muster enough courage to take that first step in creating our new life? Creation begins in the void, the darkness, and if we choose to create anew we must take that initial step into the unknown.

US citizens are being asked not only to decide who will be our President, but also who do we, individually and collectively, choose to be now. Will we choose to stay stuck in the divisive energy of the past or will we choose to rise above it? What secrets will be unearthed for the American people to see and what will we choose to do in response to the unveiling? We are at a turning point and there is no going back. The past as we have known it is gone. We can no longer recreate what was. 

We are in the midst of the greatest shift of energy this planet has experienced in thousands of years. The sun is going through a solar minimum cycle, meaning there are fewer sunspots and solar flares. This decreased solar activity allows more cosmic rays from the galactic center to penetrate Earth's atmosphere. In addition, the earth's magnetic field, which acts as a shield to these rays, is weakening. The result is the bombardment of higher frequency charged particles. This energy is changing our DNA. It is literally enlightening us and waking us up. The collective alarm clock is going off. 

These next four years for the US will be tumultuous. The astrology points to it and the evolving consciousness demands it. Change can be hard. The wayshowers know this all too well. Many of us left our homes, families, and friends to go on our individual vision quests of awakening. We used much, if not all, of the resources we had in order to do this because we answered the call and we did it out of love. Now many of us find ourselves without a home of our own, with little money, few friends, and removed from a world that no longer makes sense. Hold on a bit more. Our time is coming where we will be summoned into service again. 

Because of this influx of energy, there will be a mass healing unlike we have ever seen. But healing isn't always pretty. We can go through a healing crisis where our symptoms temporarily get worse. All of the emotions that were stuffed deep within - all the anger, rage, resentment, fear, sadness, joy, and love - will float to the surface to be expressed. Wild swings of emotions, bouts of anger and ecstasy, will become the norm for awhile. 

How do I know this? Because the wayshowers, myself included, have already experienced this. It took us years to cross this bridge into the new, going through ascension cycle after ascension cycle. Even though we were the pioneers, we had it "easy." We had some notion of why we were experiencing this. When the masses wake up, they won't have the luxury of years to gradually assimilate these potent energies and most will not understand what is happening to them. When this happens, the wayshowers will be activated into service again to assist with the spiritual triage of much of humanity.

The intense energy of late is also helping the wayshowers to step into our roles as mentors who have mastered this monumental movement of energy. Our new mission is to shed light on what has been hidden, help others on their journey of awakening, and co-create a new way of living on planet Earth. 

For now, we can hold space for the US Presidential Election and for all who are awakening. We can do this by going into the sacred place within our hearts and radiating divine love through our heart's electromagnetic field, expanding it to encompass all of Washington, DC and then all of the US, and all of the world.

May we open our hearts and follow our hearts as we co-create our paths together now and in the coming years.