Sunday, July 22, 2007

Riding the Waves of Change

As I was taking my morning walk yesterday, I noticed I was walking as though I was on a ship that was listing upon the sea. I became quite dizzy and at one point, I felt like I might pass out. I spoke with a couple of my friends who also had similar symptoms. During my bout of dizziness, I thought about the significance of what came to me during the previous day's hike when I noticed the leaves, bark, and branches that had littered the path after a previous day's storm. There is beauty amongst the chaos, I thought, and there will be much chaos in the world. The key is to find the familiar pieces that serve as touch stones to relate to the unknown, the courage to continue to move forward and not look back, and to find magic in every day occurrences. This is what will sustain us. This and our love for one another. Soon things won't look the same and yet there is beauty in destruction and renewed life from what seems to be total devastation.

Our lives are waiting in the balance. Soon, we all will be tested. Where is our balance, where is our center? The earth herself is off balance. I felt her shift today and tilt to and fro. There will be much movement now, within and without. Within her, molten lava surfaces. Within her, tectonic plates move and create earthquakes. Upon her, social upheaval, unrest and more war. The building U.S. concern regarding Pakistan's involvement with terrorists concerns me. The night of September 11, 2001, I dreamed the U.S. used a nuclear weapon against Pakistan. It certainly feels within me, within the earth, and upon the earth, there are great rifts occurring. The tectonic plates are moving, colliding, and abrading each other. Movement unlike any I have experienced in this life is about to happen. I don't know what it will look like. What I do know is that it will arrive soon. I felt the beginning of it the other day, the heaviness, the anticipation. As I was walking down the hall of the healing center from which I work, I felt like I was walking down the corridor of a make-shift hospital.
While the battle rages outside, inside the rooms are all prepared waiting for the first casualty to arrive... knowing it will arrive. It is just a matter of time.

Now we will be tested in ways we have never been tested before. We will be asked to answer this question: Do we choose fear or do we choose love? That is the only question we need answer. The only one we need act upon. In truth, there is only one answer because all there is is love. Fear does not exist. Awakening is the realization there has always been only one choice all along from which infinite possibilities flow. Love is the ONLY answer.

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David said...

Hi Aunt Joan,

Found your blogsite and you definately have some powerful insights. First, are you ok? The dizziness, I mean. Could it be an inner ear infection? Anyway, I think you can feel at ease about the Pakistani dream. I don't think Musharraf has to worry about any nukes headed his way but he needs to step up the policing of his state and allow more NATO forces into the western border with Afghanistan. I think Ali Khamenei in Iran might need to sweat that a little more (kidding). I hope all is well. Emailed you some pics of Lenny.

Love Ya,