Monday, March 24, 2008

Breaking Ground

While the moon slowly faded away as the sun rose over the red rocks of Sedona on Easter morning, I contemplated what this particular Easter represents. Sun rise. Son rise. Each of us is our own sun. Our perceived reality revolves around us. We are illuminated from within first, and then from without. The divine spark of our true light rests within our hearts waiting to be fed. Our brilliance is peaking through. We can't help it. It is who we are.

Just as a tiny seed follows its path of creation with total faith and breaks ground, we too, are unearthed and rebirthed. The ground that is breaking open is our hearts. Light peaks through and bathes our deepest desires. How precious is this moment. How beautiful it is to see new life. Yet, the seedling is tender and vulnerable as it searches for this light. We have just entered unknown territory. Like the seedling, we are used to much darkness. Just as it takes time to adjust to the light walking from a darkened room into daylight, we are in the adjustment phase with this new light.
Imagine what it must be like for a newborn to leave the dark womb of its mother and enter the light of the world. You may feel like you are walking around like a deer in headlights for a while, a bit stunned and dazed. Be gentle and allow time to integrate this new energy.

Part of the birthing process is to expel the afterbirth. What had sustained us is no longer needed. Old paradigms are discharged. Worn out belief systems are erased. We are severed from what we thought was safety and security. Our lives break open to allow the light to shine.

This energy, as everything else in the universe, has a purpose: to propel you to live your purpose. It is because of this energy that we are able to face our greatest fears and take that leap of faith. We realize that following our hearts is our security. As we assimilate this new energy, our circuitry is converted from DC to AC and immediately our potential increases exponentially! Our once battery-powered selves are now able to plug directly into Source. We have unlimited potential...we always have only now we FEEL it! Now we live it!

What do you choose to show the world? Are you living your highest potential?

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