Friday, August 22, 2008

Blast Off!

For years now, we have prepared ourselves to take flight. We took workshops, learned various healing modalities, studied metaphysics, meditated, practiced yoga, and did our internal work. Our fuel tanks are now full of knowledge, wisdom, life experience, and life force energy. Baby step after baby step, we checked to be sure all systems are go. We donned our protective suits of love and strapped ourselves in for the ride of a lifetime.

Countdown to launch began on 08/01/08 with the first eclipse of the month. On 08/08/08, the universe pressed the launch button. The thrusters ignited and we were full of anticipation.

In the next millisecond, as we looked out the window from our ship, we saw the supports fall away that held our ship safely in place during our preparation phase. These supports must detach to allow us to take flight. Friends, business partners, love partners, old patterns and beliefs, and anything else whose mission is complete, must fall out of our lives. If they remained, they would only hold us back. On 8/11/08, I detached from a friend who was clearly a support in the past, but who now had become a crutch. It all happened in a matter of days. Whatever is not in alignment with who we are now, will no longer remain in our lives.

In the next millisecond after the supports fall away, fear and doubt may come as we look out the window and see no supports. It feels like we are not moving. What force is keeping us standing fully erect on our own two feet? It is our own power, which perhaps many of us haven't felt until now. I can remember the day my father raised the training wheels on my bike without telling me. I was riding along fine until I noticed the training wheels weren't touching the ground. For an instant, I was afraid. It was only after I realized that I had been riding on my own power, that the fear lifted.

In the next millisecond, we feel enormous raw power. The ship is vibrating and our lives may be a little shaky. This is the most dangerous period of the flight. Expressing our power may be awkward and unsettling at first. After all, we are embarking on a journey into the unknown on our own.

It takes enormous energy during lift off to finally move our ship off the launch pad. We may feel exhausted during this time as every ounce of fuel is used to overcome the inertia of the past. I have felt my share of exhaustion lately.

Our ship moves slowly at first, gaining speed as it moves. Things are starting to move slowly for me and I know that my work is gaining momentum. Be patient. The accelerated manifestation phase is quickly approaching.

After our booster rockets spend their fuel, it is time to release them. This occurs in stages. Releasing the old through the physical body occurs in stages as well. For the past several days, I have had a scratchy throat and tightness in my chest. My sacrum hurt the other day, and now the pain is gone. Symptoms will come and go until we release the old that is not in alignment with our higher vibration.

Finally, we enter into our orbit. We come back into balance with the higher frequency of who we are now. We are free from the gravity of the past and life floats effortlessly. The new orbit we reach is our heart's desire. It is the reason we are here.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life

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