Friday, October 3, 2008


As we enter the vortex of accelerated change, we soon realize we cannot pull ourselves out. It is like moving past the event horizon of a black hole, nothing can escape, not even visible light. All we can do is surrender. Surrender to what is. Surrender to our highest vision of who we are. Surrender to our divinity.

It is human nature to avoid change unless it is the only option. Here we are at the doorstep of monumental change unlike any we have seen. The Hopi have a saying that when you are on a raging river, it is best to let go and go with the flow. In other words, don't fight the change. Instead, embrace it. Love it. Cherish these days. We are FINALLY letting go of what has not been in its integrity. Systems that were not based on love are leaving. Sometimes it is best to allow things to fall apart so we can put them back together again in a way that is stronger than before.

What does it mean to be in your integrity? To be in your integrity means be in alignment with divine intent and follow your heart. Where in your life are you not in alignment with what your heart tells you to do? Change it now or you might feel the universe's two by four strike you in the head. Go with the flow of your creation.

Chaos is the mother of creation. We are entering the womb of creation, the darkness, the void. It is like drawing the blank Rune. Any and all things are possible. We are pregnant with potential.

So during this acceleration phase, listen to your heart and follow its guidance. Allow it to be your compass to lead you through these uncertain times. Create what is in your heart. Follow your passion and find your bliss. Listen to that still small voice that tells you you are so much more than what this society or government has told you.

As soon as the pieces of what once was are scattered about, start picking them up, one at a time, following your heart's guidance, and watch the beauty that is you unfold.

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