Friday, November 21, 2008

We Made It

What a month this has been and it's not over yet! It began with an incredible US presidential election the likes of which are still reverberating not only within the US, but around the world. What more visible example of a shift in consciousness could we ask for than electing a black man as president of the United States - showing us we are all part of the one Source of All.

On 11/13, we entered the sixth day of the Mayan Calendar infusing us with the energy of enlightenment. The light of a new day is dawning.

I feel an incredible shift within myself and in the world. As severe as the economic and environmental problems are, I have the feeling that "we shall overcome." We turned a corner and the mass consciousness finally said, "Enough." Enough war. Enough famine. Enough greed. Enough taking and not giving. Enough living out of balance with Mother Earth. Enough. Enough.

There is a stillness and silence as the spiral of out of balance masculine energy comes to a stop. The collective consciousness has taken hold of the reins of this out of control horse and broke him. Divine feminine energy will now infuse the collective consciousness so we can balance the masculine with the feminine energies.

The dire predictions of late suddenly do not resonate with the current consciousness. It is as if we have turned a deaf ear to them and decided the reality they predicted is just not acceptable. Welcome to the age of conscious co-creation.

I noticed a shift within myself these past weeks. I have an unshakable optimism and abiding joy. During one of my walks this summer I heard, "You made it." I remembered those words yesterday and thought, "We all made it now." We can take a huge sigh of relief before we roll up our sleeves and start the work of creating a new world.

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Kristen said...


I just tumbled into your blog here, and I am instantly captivated by how you weave all the degrees of our living into one essence of meaning (i.e. Fall). Your blog feels really unique and grounded in a deeply uplifting way. I will definitely be "following" your writings, and I thank for sharing them here, for us to fall into and be inspired, moved, realized, changed. . . .

Most Sincerely,

Luke the cheerful Shaman said...

Y E S it happens ...