Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 - A Year of Miracles

What an incredible year we have in store for us.  2010 started with a bang.  With the Full Blue Moon Solar Eclipse on New Year's Eve to herald in the new, to Mercury and Mars going retrograde, and with a New Moon Solar Eclipse coming on January 15, we have a truckload of potential energy.

This combination of energy is like pulling back on a slingshot, the bow of an arrow, or the trigger of a gun.  Back we go again for another round of "re's" - rethink, revise, reconfigure, redo, revisit.  This pulling back motion takes energy.  It takes energy to pull back the bow or cock the trigger and at the same time, we are creating potential energy.  The energy of the stretched-back bow is what propels the arrow.  This energy is waiting to be released into that forward motion for which we have waited for so long.

After the Solar Eclipse on January 15 and Mercury goes direct on January 16, the energy lets go and we let go.  It is total fast forward motion and when we release the bow or pull the trigger, there is no more controlling what we have set in motion.  Once we let go of the bow, we cannot grab the arrow and retrieve it.  We can't even change its trajectory.  Once the task is executed, there is no stopping it.  We cannot return the bullet to the barrel, the arrow to the bow, or the stone to the slingshot.

After we let go, we are at the will of our hearts.  Our hearts create the patterns we follow.  They created the trajectory of our arrows.  The universe will now mirror back our hearts' desires that we projected years ago.  It is the projection of what we felt in our hearts and its passion that has been building and building, literally building the roads, bridges, tunnels, and superhighways for our forward journey this new year.

This next week, before the release of this energy, is the time to clean out our spiritual closets.  Replace the old with the new.  Review our vision for our future.  Soon it will be time for us to come out of our spiritual closets.  The world wants to see us, to hear us, to know who we are, to shine our light!  It is time to bring all of who we are forward.  Remember in this forward motion, there is no going back.  

By the time the spring equinox comes, we will truly spring into action.  It will be the dawn of a new day.  Around January 17 the "big bang" happens and at the equinox, the physical takes form.  It takes time after the release of energy or the big bang for things to manifest.  Everything may be in total chaos to begin.  Creation comes through chaos and then order starts to appear.

By March 20 we will see a concrete pattern of what is forming in our lives this year.  Now the etheric template that we created through our hearts' desires will come into the physical.  We will precipitate our passions.  We will see it, we will feel it, and we will know it.  There is no more guesswork.  What we have dreamed, what we have envisioned, what we have loved into existence, becomes reality.

So now as we are now going back and "ringing out the old", this twisting and pulling energy is fueling our potential.  When enough energy builds, we will release our potential.  This release, this letting go, this surrender of our will to divine will will propel us forward, into the life of our dreams.  Our wildest dreams will become our reality and more - beyond what we can envision.  This is only the foundation of what we are creating, for what we are creating is so enormous, we could not envision it with our present mindset.

Expect miracles this year and know that our beliefs will change.  A miracle is only a miracle until we have a new experience that changes our beliefs.  We all may say, "I thought this wasn't possible but now I see that it is."

We are God incarnate.  We are the Divine in form.  We are the ones that co-create our reality.  We are victims no more but the masters of our lives.  And so it is.

A most glorious New Year to you all!

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

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