Monday, April 26, 2010

Look, Listen, and Feel

We live in a world faced with global warming, global terror, nuclear war, water and food shortages, crumbling economies, and environmental holocaust.  9/11 was our spiritual wake up call.  The world is in a state of emergency and in dire need of first aid.  It is time to look, listen, and feel.

Look around.  The world is literally crumbling around us.  America's infrastructure is a code blue.  Roads in need of serious repair will soon have signs, "Drive at your own risk."  Bridges pronounced DOA will be closed.  Recently, a building in upstate NY was so structurally unsound that a section of a major interstate was closed because the DOT was concerned a wall of the building might topple onto the highway.  Mother Earth is adding to the destruction as she shakes to relieve her elevated pressure.

Look at the consequences of our actions.  We forgot about the law of cause and effect.  Our bad habit of taking from Mother Earth and not giving back to her has left her in critical condition.  Oil and water well drilling, excavation, mining, subterranean building, and the like have wounded her.  She is bleeding out.  We need to apply direct pressure, but where?  On the holes we have created within her, on the corporations and governments responsible, on the consumers who keep demanding more, or all three?

Look at what is, not through the lens of the media or government, but with the innocent perception of a child.  See what is really happening.  Look at each other through our hearts' eyes.  See who he or she really is, not what the false facade of the body suggests.  

Listen to the cries of the children who do not have enough to eat, who are orphaned, and who are living on the street.  Listen to the call of the animals as their homes are destroyed daily.  Listen to the water fowl as they take their last gasp of air through the black oil that surrounds them after another off shore oil well explodes.  Listen to our still small voice within. Listen to our gut instincts.  Follow our intuition. 

It's time to feel.  We have become disconnected from our hearts and let our minds rule.  We were dumbed and numbed down.  It's time to wake up and stop feeding ourselves unhealthy food and unhealthy images on TV.  No wonder heart disease is rampant in the US.  We forgot our connection to Source, to the Divine.  We forgot we are powerful beyond measure.  Somewhere along the way, we stopped feeling.  Feeling and emotion are our power tools.  The universe is hard-wired for emotion.  Love is the glue that holds everything together in the universe.  Obviously, we forgot to love.

To reconstruct a crumbling world, we need to FEEL.  Love it back together.  Come from your heart.  The world might be in critical condition and we have the power to save her.  When we fall in love with Mother Earth, her condition naturally improves.  Her prognosis is full recovery.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life

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