Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning

There is a saying that we teach what we need to learn.  After teaching the second class in my series "FREE TO BE ME" to only one participant yesterday, it hit me.  I have been living my life for others, putting my work first and my desires last.  Living this way is not working.  I realized it is time to change my old way of thinking and working.  The energy around what I have done in the past is dwindling quickly. 

In addition to my outer world changing, my inner world is taking top billing.  As without, so within.  In one week, I have experienced seven different symptoms many of which I had experienced repeatedly in the past.  Some have gone and some remain.  The most severe symptom, which still remains, is the most important one for me to look at.

During this grand retrograde period of Mercury, Mars, and Saturn retrograde, my body decides to send me the quintessential retrograde symptom...gastric reflux.  The old is literally coming up for review and what I have allowed to eat at me can no longer be ignored.

The body is a wise ally.  It never lies.  It will keep sending you messages until you get them.  I think part of what I am experiencing is a grand healing crisis, moving the old stagnant energy up and out but not without much review.  It comes as no surprise that my third chakra is getting my attention.  I attribute how you portray yourself in the world with the third chakra.  Am I free to be me, for me?

Since the one person who came to yesterday's class had some internal and external upheaval of her own, we just sat and talked.  There she was, my teacher, mirroring much of what I had experienced, from a similar physical disorder to a perfectionist mother.  Again, the past came up for review.

I spoke with my friend Joy last night.  I shared with her a dream I had a few nights ago about making a choice to die early so others could live.  She said it feels like a past life pattern of sacrificing yourself for others.  I could feel in my body that what she said was true.  It is about living my joy and my life now.  My old belief that I must sacrifice myself for my work is done.

As our frequency continues to increase, lower frequency emotions, beliefs, and physical disorders are replaced with the harmonic frequencies of love, joy, peace, and wellness.  Happy retrograde spring cleaning!

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