Sunday, April 6, 2008


As part of the reformation process, our energies are recalibrating. So many people have told me recently that they have experienced weeks of interrupted sleep patterns, myself included. I have spent nights of waking up every two hours or every hour. The latest pattern to emerge is not being able to fall asleep. It feels like the "off" switch is shorted and has to be tweaked a bit to work. Eventually I fall asleep and I feel like I spend more time in the alpha brain wave state, that in-between state, between fully awake and fully asleep. It is interesting that the frequency of alpha waves ranges from 7-14 Hz. This range is significant since we are in the process of increasing our frequency from 7.8 Hz to 13 Hz. Also, it is through our alpha brain waves that we are able to remember our dreams. So much is coming through in dream time now that it seems incongruent to have so many sleepless nights. What I think is happening is our higher selves are purposely increasing the time we are in alpha sleep so we will remember our dreams. Just last night, I heard that it is time to bring through more information and saw what this might look like. I woke up briefly to consciously note this and then went back to sleep. The important part is that I still remember it today.

Becoming enlightened includes bringing in new information. This is vitally important to us, especially now. Just as electricity takes the path of least resistance, this new information comes in through our sleep time when we are most open to receiving it. The reason this information is important is that it will assist us in breaking old belief systems such as "I didn't sleep well last night so I will be tired today." "I must get eight hours of sleep every night." Our bodies are changing. What we required in the past is past. We are able to recharge our batteries in other ways that somehow make up for the full, uninterrupted eight hours of sleep a night we are told we need. This doesn't mean we will not feel tired. Actually, until we fully recalibrate, we may feel more tired.

In recalibrating any instrument, there are parameters that are checked and adjusted. Our parameters include our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. First, check in with your physical body. Are all systems functioning optimally? If not, what is getting your attention and why? What can you do to adjust or recalibrate your physicality? Exercise, nutrition, and elimination seem to be the top three now. Be mindful of what goes in and out, not only with food and waste, but with thoughts and words as well. To stay in the flow naturally infers movement. Move your body.

To emotionally recalibrate, set the standard to joy. Are you in joy most of the time? What in your life is keeping you from living your joy? Joy and enthusiasm are the new emotional standards. Enjoy your life.

Mental recalibration means a thorough identification of all belief systems, thought patterns, mind sets, etc. Any and all patterns that keep you from living your truth, your joy, and your vision are no longer serving you. Remove the old programming and get new software!

Spiritually, we are now realizing that we can no longer calibrate to someone else's standard, even if that someone else is an ascended master. As we enter the realm of fifth dimensional consciousness, we recalibrate to the frequency that is within each of our hearts and not to any frequency outside of ourselves. We fully realize the masters that we have always been and live our truth.

If you find you need assistance recalibrating, my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul will assist you in breaking up thought patterns that no longer serve you and provide a framework for new ones. I also offer personal transformation sessions that quickly elicit old thought patterns, set the repatterning for new ones, and activate you to live your heart's desire. To schedule a session or purchase a copy of my book, please visit my website at

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