Friday, April 18, 2008

Phase Change

The energy of the past several weeks has been quite strange. Have you felt it? I have experienced sleepless nights, base of the head and neck aches, exhaustion, and feeling ungrounded most of the time. While I am in this state, it is very difficult to do my everyday activities, let alone create something, like this blog! When I tuned in this morning about what is happening, what came through is that we are going through what chemists call a phase change.

When water goes from solid to liquid, it goes through what is called a phase change or change of state. During this process, energy, in the form of heat, is added to melt the ice into liquid. Even though more energy is added, the temperature remains the same until all of the ice has become liquid water. The energy that is added is used to break the bonds between molecules in order to change their potential energies.

What bonds are we breaking? Bonds of all kinds and at all dimensional levels are being liberated to allow us the freedom to move toward our hearts' desires.
Influx of energy is needed to break bonds, whether we are talking about chemical bonds or our perceived human bondage.

The energy that is about to enter at the Wesak full moon this Saturday night, April 20th, is the energy of enlightenment. This light excites our electrons of desire to move us to our next vibrational frequency. Remember, we are still recalibrating and the energy that is coming in this weekend is the new standard. We are lightening our loads and cleaning house to make space for the manifestation of our hearts' desires.
As we release our long held beliefs and outmoded structures, we free ourselves to live our fullest potentials.

What is most interesting about a phase change is that the temperature remains the same. It sure feels like I am at a standstill. What is happening is that all of our "extra" energy is being used to create this change of state. Once the change is complete, we are free to use our new capacity to bring in energy and take off! The accelerated manifestation phase I spoke of in my blog, "Reformation," will follow this phase change.

So, as it seems like nothing is happening in our lives and we hardly have enough energy to complete our daily activities, remember what is happening on the side lines. Soon, we will all be singing, "Put me in coach. I'm ready to play, today!"

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life

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Anonymous said...

It is absolutly true that we are now just can not wait to manifest our heart desires. The darkness inside ourselfs is dessolving in the fluids of love. And this is very overwelming to allow yourself to take a swim in this new waters. We can go in very slowly... But is it not just very sudductive just to dive in? I am personally keep asking myself: "Am i not too cautious or am i not too impatient?". "Depends...",- i say to myself. And totally new feeling what Joan wrighting about is, that I choose my own rules of my own game. Let'S PLAY. More people - more fun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i feel what ur saying in your blog...

The exhaustion and no ground feelings, come from still being in old vibrations (example: living in the past and future).. Our body's are already aligned with the new vibes.. only if our minds are still aligned with the old vibes.. Then, we force the body also to stay in old vibes, and thus bring the body in disharmonic states. So you get tired, sleepless, etc, etc.

If you keep holding on to the old world... you'll get more and more exhausted... untill at one day you have to say... Enough! I need rest, and you leave behind that old reality... at that point you really will 'dive' in the pool of the new vibrations of the new world!