Thursday, May 1, 2008


Just like a fine wine or delicate perfume, we are now experiencing what it feels like to have our "impurities" boiled off and our essential nature condensed into who we really are. During distillation, impurities are separated from the desired compound through the addition of heat, which naturally causes an increase in pressure.

I've felt like I was in a pressure cooker for the month of April, with the heat and pressure building each day. Each day, the lower frequency "impurities" of anger, control, resistance, holding, and frustration drifted to the surface to be released. It hasn't been easy. I even decided to expedite the process by going through a series of "five" colonics. What is past is past and it's time to make room for what it is coming.

After this period of purification, we will finally experience the accelerated manifestation phase. I had a glimpse of it the other day when everything I asked for showed up immediately. We are in the final phases of this level of cleaning and clearing to prepare for our heart's desire. A word or two of caution: deeper levels of surrender and trust are necessary prerequisites for this accelerated manifestation.

Several of my friends, myself included, have been asked lately to trust at levels that challenge our logical minds and put our left brains into a tailspin. You want me to do what? And yet, we all know we agreed long ago to carry out our divine blueprints. Mission control has issued the next set of directives and like the good spiritual warriors we are, we keep marching forward.

Nervous anticipation best describes how I feel now. I am guided to leave Sedona on 5/5 to travel back east. Life-altering change is likely to be the result of this return. The number 5 represents change and fives keep popping up for me lately.

We will see glimpses of the light at the end of the tunnel in May, the fifth month, the month of change. After traveling in a long dark tunnel, the light seems even brighter than normal when you exit. Hooah!

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