Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Final Touches

The solstice has come and gone and we are now approaching Independence Day. This is another big full circle day for me as it will be the one year anniversary of the publication of my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul. As my book is a tool for self-transformation and self-empowerment, July 4th seemed to be the ideal publication date.

This holiday is also symbolic of where the energies are now. What does it mean to be independent? What is true freedom? Independence comes from actualizing our innate power and abilities to manifest the life of our dreams. We are sovereign unto ourselves. Freedom only comes when we break the chains of forgetfulness and allow our mind to explore our unlimited potential. The tarot card I picked today was "Worthiness." When we realize our divinity, we realize our true worth.

The energy of movement is building. Things seem to be swirling around as in a tornado, flying out and sorting themselves by what is in alignment with our highest vision and grandest version of who we really are. Anything less than what is in complete alignment with who we truly are will not manifest. We have no control over this now. We set the wheels in motion a year ago and the pattern has completed in the matrix. What we have left to do before the accelerated manifestation phase is to take care of the final touches.

What we will manifest now will be nothing short of miraculous to many of us. Things we thought we would not do again or were not capable of are becoming our reality. I recently rented the house I used to own with my former partner. I didn't imagine myself ever living in that house again and here I am! The best part is the rent is lower than what our mortgage payment was and it includes mowing the lawn and plowing the driveway, things I do not choose to do any longer and what I thought would prevent me from renting a house.

The things I have chosen to manifest are starting to form. I choose to form a community of like-minded people and they are coming to me! I have asked to manifest guiding sacred and mystical tours of Sedona, and again, the opportunity is coming to me. So much is happening AND we are not yet into the accelerated manifestation phase!

We have now raised our vibration high enough to step into the next level of our work. It is like being upgraded from a Chevy to a Maserati. As with any high performance engine, a little fine tuning is needed to insure peak performance. Not only that, but I really do think any car runs better when it is clean and waxed. We are in the buffing and polishing stages, taking the finger prints off and making sure the chrome is shiny. When our motors are humming and outsides are glistening, we are ready for the trip of our lifetime!

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

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