Friday, July 18, 2008

Just B

Birds, bees, bats, and beavers, oh my! Since I rented the house I once owned, I have seen and experienced a bounty of these "B" words in and around the house. Swallows nested at the entrance to the breezeway and the robins made their usual nest under the front balcony. One Saturday, bees swarmed inside and outside of the house. For weeks now, bats have been literally coming out of the woodwork to interrupt my sleep. Although common to this area, beaver sightings are not that frequent. What does it all mean?

According to Ted Andrews' book, Animal-Speak, swallows symbolize protection and warmth for the home, and taking proper perspective of your life. Robins are traditionally a sign of spring and new growth. Bees remind us to partake of the honey of life and pursue our dreams. Bats signify transition, initiation, and drawing our greatest fears to our self to be healed. Finally, beavers are master builders and symbolize the building of dreams. When I put these puzzle pieces together, the message is clear: Prepare to face my greatest fear that has held me back from living my dream, all the while knowing that I am protected.

So, what is up with this alliteration of the letter "B?" During one of my morning walks, I spoke the words the that came to mind that start with the letter "B": beauty, bounty, blessings, beneficial, benefactor, (in fact, all the "bene's"), bright, balance, and believe. "B" is the second letter of the alphabet. What does it mean to be second, as in second place, second fiddle, etc.? A friend relayed a message to me yesterday that I can no longer be second. I knew exactly what the message meant.

It is clear that it is time for me to step fully into who I really am and to carry out my life's mission. No more second best or second fiddle for me. My pattern was to hang onto the coat tails of another, thinking that he or she would shield me from myself. The energies of late will not allow this pattern to continue.

What does it mean to take full responsibility for your dreams? Recently, I played "second billing" to a friend of mine at an event. She is a gifted medium and always seems to attract a crowd.
I thought it might be a good way to market myself. It didn't feel right. Her philosophy is to go after what you want and make it happen. So far this has worked for her. When I allowed myself to go into her way of thinking, I became fearful, and again, it didn't feel right. Response-ability means that you have everything you need to respond to your dreams. The key word is "respond."

The current energies are constantly sending messages to us to just "B." Be who you are. Be patient. Allow. Stay in the moment. Know that you have already set your dreams into motion. Watch for signs that tell you when to act. Go with the flow of your creation. "It is in the allowing, the surrender to your divine plan, that peace permeates each of our souls." - In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul

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Frances said...

Thank you for these words. I was looking outside myself again...
Now I can be, inside.

Anonymous said...

I live in a concrete jungle by the Sea, and yesterday I rescued a single bee, i think a car hit him, and he was dazed but in the middle of a path where people were walking, so I picked him up with a broken lolly stick, and put him on the terrace.

I was only outside taking pictures of the Chemtrail Spraying, yesterday in Hayling Island Hampshire UK, 21 July 2008, about dusk time, 10 or so.

Then I saw single bat too, so this article was a syncromystic read for me to say the least.