Monday, June 29, 2009

Death of the Icon

As soon as I heard of the death of Michael Jackson, I knew it was symbolically huge. What did Michael Jackson represent to the mass consciousness? He was an icon. The world viewed him as a superstar, bigger than life, exceptionally talented, and one who was unafraid of showing the world who he really was.

His death represents the death of the icon. One definition for icon is a representation of some sacred personage. We looked up to him and other icons as being "more" than we are: more talented, more successful, more powerful, etc. We have given our power away long enough. Our power is not outside of ourselves. Just look in the mirror and you will see the physical representation of your sacred personage. You, too, are a god or goddess incarnate. The Source of All moves through each of us equally. All we need do is to awaken to this truth and take back our God-given power. This is clearly a doorway for us to awaken to who we truly are.

The word icon exists in our vocabulary because the notion of a deity being outside of ourselves was planted in mass consciousness. We have worshiped stones, symbols, and beings because we were told we were less than. Somewhere along the way, something was lost in the translation and transcription of Jesus' words - You are gods and goddesses. This and more shall you do.

When I looked at the word "icon" I noticed that it can be separated into "I" and "con". Con is an adverb meaning against and it is also a verb meaning to learn, study, peruse, or examine carefully. One could look at the meaning of icon and say I am against it or we could look at it as "I can" instead. We could also think of it as "I am learning, studying, and examining who I really am.

It is clearly time to extract the word icon from mass consciousness and replace it with "I can" and "I am that. I am."

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Anonymous said...

Hhmm.. Yeah, 'Con' also means to fool or to mislead.. therefore 'I Con myself' becomes appropriate to your point does it not?

In Light