Monday, June 25, 2007


Mother Nature is a beautiful mirror for me. She shows me how to be in right relationship with myself first, and then with all that is.

I noticed on my walk last night that no matter what I focused on, Mother Nature has an abundance of it. Whether it is rocks, trees, bushes, insects, birds, or the ferns in Oak Creek Canyon, it is provided in large quantities. When I look at the night sky, I see an abundance of stars and what seems to be an infinite black canvas upon which the stars are painted.

Then I turn my attention to myself.
My body is made of trillion of cells. If I were to take a microscope and look at any type of tissue from my body, I would see another reflection of nature. I too, am abundance expressed. Clearly, abundance is the natural state.

So, what keeps me from living my abundance? My thoughts
of being less than, there isn't enough money, enough time, etc. I see others struggle and wonder if I will as well. I have allowed others' thoughts to permeate my thought patterns. Thoughts such as "life is hard" and "life is suffering." CANCEL CLEAR! I erase all thoughts that are not in complete alignment with abundance. I replace them with: I am abundance. Abundance is my natural state.

There. Thank you Mother Nature.

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