Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bridging Heaven and Earth

We are all bridge builders. We build bridges to form friendships, communicate with other cities, even to find our "pot of gold."

The bridge that I am currently building connects the earthly, the physical, the mundane to the heavenly, metaphysical and the profound. "I have come to build a bridge over a river of sadness for all to see," was one of the first "channelings" of my higher self. Think of your higher self as mission control and these bits of information that come in are your instructions. So, what does that instruction mean? I know that it's not to build a physical bridge. When the instruction first came in, I thought whatever I am to do, will be in the public eye to help people overcome their sadness. That's nice, I thought, and went on with my life.

Fast forward about five years to the present. I see the river of sadness swelling each day. Whether it is another natural disaster, war, poverty, hunger, or people so stressed they are at their breaking point, all of these con-tributaries feed into the river of sadness - and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, what is the bridge that I am building? Clearly, it is my life's work to awaken people to who they truly are: powerful co-creators with God. I recently published my first book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul. I didn't write it with the intention of building a bridge over a river of sadness. Actually, I allowed the writings to flow from me, to be written on different days, with no intention of compiling them into a book. Until one day, I started to construct the structural supports of the "bridge." I typed the writings into the computer and then arranged them. I took each "girder" and thoughtfully placed it. The publishing task was like adding rebar to the matrix, into which the cement is poured. What completes the bridge surface is putting the book in the public eye, doing book signings and talks, conducting classes and facilitating experiences based on the book. What cuts the ribbon to open the bridge? I live as the God that I am. I acknowledge my part of the divine. I am the fully realized being that leads others from their perceived bondage and constraints of the physical 3D world. Through my writings, my words, my teachings and my example others are free to be who they are, connect with the divine spark within them waiting to be fed, allow themselves to be known as love and compassion, and become citizens of the multidimensional universe.

What bridges are you building? Which do you choose to cross? To read an excerpt from my book, please go to my website and click on the products & services page.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life

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