Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fine Tuning

The energy around me has been weird lately. The best way for me to describe it is to liken it to changing a radio station (or frequency of radio waves). Remember when the only way to change a radio station was to rotate the knob of the tuner? While turning the knob, searching for the next station, there is usually some static. That's what it feels like now. I am changing from one frequency to the next and in between stations it feels scratchy and staticy. The energy is haphazard and dispersed versus focused.

Yesterday was a prime example. Almost every event was not quite in sync, like being between radio stations. Things occurred that prohibited me from completing my "planned" tasks, my router stopped working, and twice I was almost in an accident.

I am readjusting to a new frequency. And I know not to get comfortable at this frequency. The message, "Don't get comfortable," came in loud and clear last year. Who knows how long I will be at this frequency, on this "station." Like anything else in life, I enjoy it while it is here and I don't get attached to it. I allow the flow of my creation without placing limits on myself.

In truth, nothing is stationary. Everything moves and changes or it ceases to physically exist.

My life changes in every moment. Who I am now is different than who I was a moment ago. I am in a constant state of change that spirals endlessly in the eternal moment of now.

Think of now as a single point in which everything that has ever occurred, is occurring, and will ever occur, exists. Now is the universal reference point. When I live in the now, I am able to connect my heart center, my reference point, to the reference point of now, through which the universe exists.

I am fine tuning...making incremental changes as I use my heart center as my reference point. Yes, this is fine tuning. Mighty fine.
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Mark David Gerson said...

Thanks for your powerful sharing and insights. What a ride we're all on!

Mark David