Saturday, May 7, 2022

We Own Nothing


We own nothing. How can we when we don’t own Mother Earth? Some world leaders would like to think that they do but no one person or nation can own the Earth just as no nation or people can own the ocean or the sky. Everything we have comes from the raw materials from the Earth: our food, clothing, shelter, water and the other things that make our life “better, easier, or richer.” Remember physical money like dollar bills and coins? We created those from what Mother Earth gives us. The gold that at least at one time backed our paper money came from mining the Earth.

Just as we don’t own our parents, we don’t own Mother Earth. Try as we may, we can’t buy her. She is not for sale. We just borrow her for a time just like every generation before us. We either don’t believe this or forget that there is another generation coming that will need Mother Earth as much as we did. The Native Americans always consider the next seven generations before making any major decision. They respect our Mother Earth and give thanks to her. They treat her as they treat their own mother. Western society exploits her like a commodity, regards her as something to be divided and conquered, uses and abuses her, and then treats her like a great big garbage bin. The truth is, Mother Earth is a living being. Would you treat any other living being this way?

The problem is, we thought we could divide the Earth and sell her to the highest bidder. Owning land equates to wealth. The only way we can divide her is by creating boundaries. By creating land boundaries, we started to separate ourselves. Soon villages emerged, then cities, counties and countries. Land became more and more valuable. But we don’t own the Earth.

As the unequal amassing of land began, power and greed took hold. Those who had less wanted more. Fighting soon broke out over land. Funny thing is, we are still fighting over who owns a plot of land or for that matter, a country.

We fight like little children. “That’s mine. No, it isn’t its mine! I want it back!” So, we use Mother Earth to make weapons that will destroy those that have the land we want. Only the weapons we make will not only destroy our enemies, they can also destroy ourselves and the Earth. We still haven’t figured out that this planet is our home. Divided or not, we live on this one Earth. How we haven’t realized that yet still perplexes me.

Even if we don’t destroy the Earth with nuclear weapons, we are still causing her slow death. We have taken her resources without asking. We pollute her air, water, and soil. We use her like we use a whore only we don’t pay Mother Earth for what she has given us. We just have our way with her so we can satisfy our current cravings with no thought about her, her future, or ours. Funny thing is, we can’t live without her. Now, it may be too late.

We may be entering a time of water wars. Just look at what is happening in the American West with the Colorado River Basin, Lake Powell, and Lake Mead drying up? What happens when there is not enough water to grow crops? To quench our thirst? To cool down nuclear reactors? Other areas of the world may experience the opposite with catastrophic flooding that also affects crops. South Africa and South America are currently experiencing severe flooding. Are we approaching a point where we slowly starve ourselves?

What we need is a shift in consciousness and now! The Hopi said that when the mind and heart become separated and are no longer one, Mother Earth would heal herself through catastrophic change. We have been living through our minds alone and not our hearts. We forgot how to care for Mother Earth and each other. Greed is valued over compassion and love for all things.

The great religious traditions teach that love is the way and that the only way we can reach enlightenment is through the heart. What the world needs now is love and leaders who value love and compassion over greed and corruption.

Remember, we own nothing. Everything on this beautiful planet was meant to be shared in peace, harmony, gratitude, and love.


Thursday, January 20, 2022

2022 - The Courage to Live from Your Heart

To everything there is a season. We just happen to be in the season of chaos. It is all around us and it grows larger every day. Governments in turmoil, protests around the world, food and water shortages, threats of war and terrorism, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and floods creating more and more climate refugees, and poverty - all amidst a global pandemic that has pushed us to the brink of more division, arguing, and hatred. We seem to be self-destructing. Is there any way to save us from ourselves when we can't even agree on basic human rights?

We are at a critical juncture in the grand cycle of the cosmos. Everything 
changes, from the universe to our milky way galaxy to our solar system, sun and Earth - they all change like clockwork. We just happen to be living at a quarter to midnight before the next grand cycle ends and a new one begins. This is how creation works: From nothing comes everything, from chaos comes creation, from creation comes destruction, from nothing comes everything. Every 12,000 years or so, the cosmos cleans and clears the energy. It is similar to wiping a computer clean and downloading a new operating system. When the cosmic alarm clock goes off, there is great destruction...and from nothing comes everything and so starts the grand cycle over again.

We can't stop the Universal clock but we can wake ourselves up from centuries of nightmares from living in fear. Perhaps the reason for this season of chaos is to wake us up to realize that the only way we can make it through this extreme chaos is to live from our hearts.

We are all on this Earth together and together, in what may be a matter of decades, we will hear that cosmic alarm clock sound. Our ancestors before us have survived these grand cycles of change because they were connected to Mother Earth through their hearts. We have forgotten how to live from our hearts.

The overriding themes of this past 12,000 year cycle are greed, power, corruption, get ahead at all costs, and selling our souls to make money just to have basic survival needs that were once free for everyone. When humanity decided to charge for what Mother Earth so lovingly supplies us, such as food, water, and materials for shelter and clothing, corrupt thinking was born. Power and domination took over and we forgot that each soul on this Earth has a right to all She provides for us regardless of social standing, job title, or how much a person has in the bank. Mother Earth loves us unconditionally but we forgot to love her back. The Hopi say that when our hearts and minds become separated and are no longer one, Mother Earth will heal herself through catastrophic change. Even with all of the fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes, we still haven't gotten the message.

It takes courage to live in these times. The courage to do your inner work and raise your consciousness. The courage to be different. The courage to follow your heart and trust its guidance even when it goes against the what the majority believes. The root of the word courage, cor, comes from the French meaning heart. Courage originally meant "To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart." How many of us have the courage to speak from our hearts?

2022 is a year of cour-age: the age or time of the heart. If we are to survive even greater changes and challenges, we must live from our hearts. Living from the heart means listening to that still small voice. Following what feels right even though it may be illogical. The heart is not logical or linear for it is connected to the universal or cosmic mind that knows more than what our human minds can comprehend. 

The Institute for HeartMath has shown that intuitive information comes into the heart first. Your heart has over 40,000 neurites that form a mini "brain." Your heart's electromagnetic field is 5000 times stronger than your brain's. The heart is mission control, not the brain.

We have been living mainly from our minds. It is time to come into our hearts and listen to what our intuition is telling us. We must balance our minds and our hearts in this time of great change.

Find your courage, live from your heart, raise your consciousness, pay attention, set intention, be in your integrity and 2022 can be a magical year.

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