Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Home S t r e t c h

We made it through the 10-10-10 gateway.  Woo hoo! The way I felt over the weekend I was ready to pass through the "big" gateway, if you know what I mean!  Thankfully, I feel better, strange, but better.  Now what?  

After a physically challenging and spiritually powerful weekend with my friend and owner of the house I am renting, the energy shifted big time.  After she left on Monday, I received phone call after phone call from various Realtors scheduling appointments to show the house, which was sold last month and then the buyer withdrew her offer earlier this month.  In this "clear as mud " energy we are in, the only clarity I came up with is, don't plan on staying in this house for too long...whatever that means.  

The same day, I received an email about a conference next week in California that I had wanted to attend when I was back in New York.  Not knowing where I would be on this ninth trip across the country, I had put the conference out of my mind.  Now I am located within a day's drive of the conference and I have a friend near-by with whom I could stay. The location of the conference is within another day's drive of where I also considered going on the following weekend. I think the universe just started turning over the cards from the 52 Pick-Up.  As I was speaking to my landlady Tuesday morning and saying I had asked for clarity about whether to stay another month, an A-1 Express Moving Van drove past!  (I live on a dead-end street with very little traffic.)  Bingo!  Another card just appeared!  Move 'em out rawhide! 

When a friend asked for my latest take on the energies, what came out of my mouth was we are in the home stretch.  Whatever is coming to us now, and it does come to us, is preparing us for our final descent as we embody our angelic nature.  While we are "back stage changing into our new costumes", the props for the next act are moved onto the stage.  Act 999 will begin when every prop is in place, every actor dressed and ready to go on stage, the orchestra tuned and on the same sheet of music, the lighting crew is ready, and the audience is seated and waiting with great anticipation.  

If you have ever been a part of a theater production, you know how many details go into producing a play.  Just imagine all of the details that need to be addressed in order for you to enter the next "stage" of your life.  And we're not talking about small town theater.  We're talking Broadway!

While all of the support crew and cast are doing their thing, we wait for our cue to enter stage right.  Indeed.  We will enter this stage of lives right.  The magic, majesty, and mastery of this next stage is beyond our wildest dreams.

For now we wait until the next cue card appears...and then the next...and the next... While we are coming around the home stretch, it sure feels like a s t r e t c h.  The universe asks us to stretch a little bit farther than we ever have and then asks us to stretch even more.  Time feels like it has been compressed and stretched at the same time.  Things move quickly now compared to the speed at which we were accustomed and it feels like it is taking FOREVER.  How is this possible?

While we are in this no man's land of the home s t r e t c h, I thought this might cheer you up a bit.  Remember the Looney Tunes Cartoons?  You may feel looney tunes by now!  I know I do!