Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love Is

In  my quest to find the answers to life's biggest questions, the question "What is love?" is perhaps the most difficult to answer because it is so ubiquitous. To answer the question with the statement "love is" just didn't satisfy my hunger to really know and define love.

The reductionist in me had me looking at love under the microscope of life. The visionary in me broadened my view to include all of creation.  Everywhere I looked, from the tall to the small, I found love.  Yes, love is all there is but what is all there is?

In Glenda Green's book, Love Without End,Jesus Speaks, she talks about adamantine particles, the fundamental particles of creation that respond only to love. These particles are smaller than atoms, or protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Perhaps they are even smaller than bosons and leptons.  Whatever their size, if they respond only to love, then love commands the universe.

Moving up to the atomic level, hydrogen is the simplest of all elements, containing only one proton and one electron.  It is the most abundant element in the universe.  Our sun is mostly hydrogen. Some researchers have even speculated that hydrogen is the memory stick that plugs into the akashic records. It is because of hydrogen bonding that DNA is able to "unzip" and replicate.

At the molecular level, lets look at water because of its association with emotion and its ubiquity.  Our bodies are approximately 70-80% water similar to earth. Water is made of mostly hydrogen and it is hydrogen bonding that is responsible for many of water's unique characteristics, including its ability to structure itself. 

Researchers have found that water responds to love.  Dr. Emoto's ground-breaking research with water shows us that water holds memory.  He and other researchers discovered that the emotion of love structures water and forms a beautiful crystal when flash-frozen.  Structured water, as I am writing about in my second book, is the key to the transference of information throughout the body.  Love our water, love ourselves is one obvious conclusion from this research.  What does it mean to "love" our water or anything else for that matter?  I am back to where I started.  What is love?

Love is an emotion.  We innately know what love feels like to give it and receive it.  Since emotions are energy in motion, and all energy has a frequency, then love must be a particular frequency.  Once again, our words are literal; the term "good vibrations" is often associated with love.  Love is a good vibration.

According to Dan Winter, the feeling of love is the result of the harmonic wave pattern created in the heart, which in turn affects how tightly your DNA helix is braided. A magnetic X, as he calls it, is produced in your heart's electromagnetic field. The magnetic rush you feel when you are close to someone you love is the result of this magnetic X.  Your DNA braids its strands according to the golden mean ratio and this produces the emotion of bliss.  I would say that is a good vibration.

Drunvalo Melchizedek says love is the golden mean ratio - the harmonic expression of nature.  Perhaps Karen Carpenter was right.  "...all you get from love is a love song."  The harmony of love permeates all of creation creating a symphony whose purpose is to blissfully give praise to the grand architect of it all.

How do you define love?  Please share your definitions of love and while you are it, please send love to water.  Water is so important to all of life.  My love to water and to you, my readers!  Thank you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tipping Point

Lessons come in various sizes and shapes, generally wearing a clever disguise.

After being immersed in an intense death phase and forgetting what seems to be real is an illusion, I went out job hunting.  My 3-D visible financial resources are low and I thought going back to what was, the 9 to 5 routine, was the way out.

One day I went to a job fair and had a screening interview for a manager position.  The interview went well and I received a call that night for another interview the next day.  Prior to the second interview, I checked my email. I received an email from my website contact form with the subject line, "Remembering Your Divinity" (part of the current title for my next book).  A woman was asking when my second book would be available as she wanted to purchase it!  Would I betray the book if I took this job, which would require much more than an eight hour day?  Had I forgotten my divinity?

The interview went well even after sharing the nature of my, yet to be completed, second book.  Perhaps having this job will provide the money to publish the book, I rationalized.

I moved to the next stage of the hiring process, a critical thinking test which I passed.  When I received a call from the company on my birthday informing me they forgot to schedule me for the personality portion of the testing, I immediately noted the timing.  Here I am on my rebirth day, as I call it, taking a personality test.  While taking the test, I asked myself, "Just whom do you wish to rebirth Joan?"  In other words, will you answer from your heart or will you give the answer you think the company wants?  Still true to myself,  and to my amazement, I "passed" the personality test.

On to yet another interview with some hospital managers with whom I would be working if I got the job.  I was half way through the interview when I realized I didn't want the job.  It became crystal clear that I would be selling my soul for money.  In that moment, I realized how much I needed to write the book and how much I love writing it!

The very last question of this week-long ordeal was, "Do you know Joy Cerio?  In the moment I didn't realize the real significance of what he had asked and responded in the usual 3-D manner.  It took but a second after my conventional response for me to understand what the universe was asking me. Just add a pause after the word joy (Cerio being my last name) and I think you get the picture!  Am I living in joy?  Will this job add to my joy?  No.

The next day I was notified I wasn't chosen for the position.  Of course not.  My heart was not in it.  I didn't choose the job so why would it choose me? 

What the experience showed me was that I was not trusting even though I thought I was. As my friend Mark David wrote in his novel The MoonQuest, you either trust or you don't.  There is no in between.  I clearly was not trusting.

I did some automatic writing for myself during this never-ending interview process.  I wrote that I am at a tipping point.  Why not?  2011 may be a tipping point for all of us.  Since I wrote this, I have heard this phrase used in various articles and by various reporters describing current events.  What huge change inside me is about to happen that will forever change how I operate in the world?

In the shower this morning I played a mind game.  I asked myself a series of "what if" questions.
What if I'm really not "from here?"
What if I came here with a divine purpose?
What if every choice I have made so far has provided the ideal experiences to support me carrying out my divine purpose?
What if the past eight years of soul searching and clearing, of unfolding who I really am, was not only for me but had a greater purpose?
What if I totally trust the universe will provide for me?
What if I defy logic and concentrate on finishing my second book instead of looking for a 9 to 5 job?
What if writing this book is part of my divine purpose?
What if I follow my heart in every moment?
What if I remember my divinity?

Sometimes we know something so deeply we miss the forest for the tree.  Saying these words tripped a switch within all of my cells and opened a new neural pathway in my brain.  Sounds like a tipping point to me?  Perhaps now I will live in joy.

As I continue to process this latest "ah ha" moment, I also continue to surrender to the moment of now.  Everything happens in the glorious moment of now.  Even tipping points.