Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nudging into 2013

Here we are four months into 2013 and I am writing my first blog of the year. I don't know about you, but for me 2012 didn't end until last month. It waited until the astrological new year to finally say good-bye. Mind you, I still have days of daze and lethargy, but something palpable has shifted. Yes, we are in the midst of "The Shift" and in this Shift, the energy pattern changed from somewhat predictable (albeit small) to not predictable at all. 

None of the patterns of old crossed into 2013 from the spring equinox on. From weather "patterns" to personal "patterns," everything seems to be new and a bit chaotic. That's good news since creation comes from chaos and I have the feeling that we will experience a large influx of chaos in a short period of time before the dust settles around the summer solstice. The influx of chaos already started last month with anomalous weather creating huge storms and power-hungry nuclear bravado. 

Personally we are being pushed and prodded not so gently, to FINALLY (Amen!) get moving...and I mean MOVING in every sense of the word. Moving home, moving out of relationships, moving out of jobs, and moving into our expanded soul's purpose. If you haven't felt the cosmic 2x4 yet, then by all means, get going! I've felt it in the past and it isn't pleasant. Is it avoidable? Perhaps and perhaps not. It depends on how big a wake-up call we need.

What am I nudged to do, you ask? The owner of a local metaphysical store/yoga center asked me to bring by more of my books. As soon as I entered the store, I was energetically pushed (I know you know what I mean!) to offer him a session. It had been about a year since I had given a session. Afterward, he told me about his Psychic Fair and asked if I wanted to rent a booth and offer my sessions. When the Universe plops something in my lap, I know enough now to just say "thank you" and go with the flow. He even had a small room for me, since my sessions usually include vocal toning. The feedback I received from my clients sealed the deal for me. It is time to offer my healing work again. 

Just yesterday, a client told me that reading my book, In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul, receiving my session, and doing the "homework" I suggested, helped her more than any other practitioner or modality, from traditional to alternative. Even her chiropractor asked her what she had done because she seems more alive now. As she told me what she experienced over the past week or two, tears welled up in my eyes. In that moment, I knew why I had chosen to spend years of self-healing, study, and seclusion. All the time, energy, and money that went into awakening myself, writing the book, and removing myself from mainstream life was worth it, down to the last penny. 

I am also being nudged to get my second book out. Like the first book, it isn't "mainstream." How many people do you know will pick up a book about the physics, biology, and metaphysics of consciousness, creative energy, and the heart? To me, it doesn't matter. What matters is that those who want to read it will "take it to heart." I didn't listen when others told me not to write the first book because it would not sell. The book does what I intended it to do - help people realize who they truly are. My next book provides information and tools to help us create a new world from our hearts. 

Over the weekend, I spoke to the editor of a small local publisher about my new book. "I would love to publish one of your books and I wonder if it is saleable," was her response. Perhaps it's not about how many sell but how much each book that does affects the reader. How do you put a price on that? Maybe the old litmus test of "Will it make money?" is no longer valid. Most publishers wouldn't agree with me. Whether it gets picked up by a publisher or I self-publish it as an e-book, the information needs to be shared.

Whatever direction you are nudged, remember that we are living in new energy now. What was acceptable, normal, or predictable, no longer exists. We are creating the new "norms" in each moment. Follow your heart even though it makes no sense. What does? As I wrote in my first book, "Your heart knows what no one else has seen."

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