Monday, December 7, 2009

'Tis the Season

I love the holidays, especially when they are celebrated consciously. We start the holiday season with Thanksgiving. What a beautiful way to begin with the vibration of gratitude. It reminds us the way to start anything is with gratitude.

Hanukkah and Christmas are next in the holiday parade.
Hanukkah reminds us that our essential nature is light. The word Christmas is literally defined as Christ's festival, the celebration of the birth of a master. A master who mirrored to us who we are. It was the advent of Christ consciousness within the matrix. Joy and good/god will are part of our original blueprint, something to be shared everyday instead of once a year. As the Hopi say, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are our own saviors. No one and nothing outside ourselves will "save" us from our limited belief systems but ourselves. It is time to celebrate the masters of light that we are!

On New Year's Eve we reflect on the past year. We take time to review our actions and beliefs, knowing that self-reflection is key to self-growth. It is also time to make resolutions and set intentions for the new year.
It is interesting that we use the term new not next to describe the coming year. New Year's Day holds the energy of renewal, when the universe hands us another year upon which to write our life. Our hearts are full of gratitude for another year. The holiday cycle is complete!

This holy-day season, may you awaken to the Christ consciousness within and celebrate the God that you are! May your new year be filled with joy, hope, love, laughter, peace, and gratitude.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Power of Gratitude

Another Thanksgiving is less than a week away. As I pondered the meaning of the holiday, I asked myself what makes gratitude so powerful? Giving thanks is so important that we made it a national holiday. Every religion emphasizes the importance of gratitude and every language has a linguistic equivalent for the word gratitude. So I did a little research on gratitude. Here's what I found.

From a study entitled "Gratitude & Happiness: Development of a Measure of Gratitude & Relationships with Subjective Well-Being", published in Social Behavior and Personality in 2003, the researchers found that gratitude is a highly developed trait and ranks in the top 4% in terms of likable traits. It improves mood and naturally occurs as a result of happiness. Being grateful is important to living the good life and increasing a sense of well-being. Grateful people have a sense of abundance, simple appreciation, and appreciation of others.

A University of Miami study found that gratitude is integral to health, wholeness, and well-being. It increases optimism, decreases physical symptoms, aids in personal goal attainment, increases a feeling of connection with others, and improves sleep. People who practice gratitude are more likely to help someone with a personal problem or offer emotional support. They are more empathic and take the perspective of others. They place less importance on material things. Generosity, sharing, commitment and responsibility to others are natural outcomes of being grateful. The study also indicates that faith enhances the ability to be grateful.

Wow! Gratitude is powerful medicine and when we have faith, especially in ourselves, gratitude naturally increases. From an energetic or spiritual perspective, the more you are grateful for something, the more the universe brings similar opportunities to you. It simply follows the Law of Attraction.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? What do you choose to attract more of at this time of year? As the song goes, "I've got plenty to be thankful for."

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just this side of paradise

Messages come to us when we pay attention. As I was perusing some metaphysical books at a Barnes & Noble the other day, the words to the song playing in the background got my attention. While not the exact words, a line from the song went something like this: You are an angel come down from the heavens. I smiled, grateful for the reminder, and kept skimming Deepak's new book, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. I just finished reading this excerpt from his book:

The spiritual path unfolds when you follow your heart's desire. Inside everyone is a place that is intimate, alive, and full of yearning. It doesn't focus on God, or salvation, or unconditional love. It focuses on the next thing it desires. If that next thing is fulfilled, there will be a next thing, and then another and on and on.

As I was prompted by the book, I asked my heart this question: What is next? Home was the swift response. I then asked what "home" means to me. Immediately a feeling of pure contentment came over me as I imagined myself with my yet-to-be revealed ideal partner
. In that same moment, my eyes were drawn to a sign at the end of a row of books. Only half of the sign was visible from where I sat. There, on the red sign, was the word Romance. My attention was then drawn to the wall poster on the far wall. On it was a drawing of a couple with these words: This side of paradise. Yes, I am just this side of paradise. What is next for me is feeding my heart the love it has craved for years.

We are all "just this side of paradise." I keep getting messages that wonderful change is about to sweep through my life. Amen. 11:11 will be an enormous gateway ushering in our new life. Now is the time to ask your heart what it desires next. "All you can do is what is next." I have heard this advise from a close friend many times and I have given this advise to clients. Do what is next and then the next step will be shown to you.

Especially during these chaotic times, my best advice is to pay attention, be in the moment, and focus on what is next. First and foremost, pay attention to what your heart desires then pay attention to the messages that come your way to confirm you are following the path your heart created for you. Allow your heart to take the wheel of your life. Use your mind for reference and interpretation and let your heart do the navigating.

For now, clarify what your heart tells you is next and then focus your attention and intention on that. Watch for signs and follow the bread crumbs of your soul. Be grateful. Act as if you have already attained your heart's desire. Be in your joy. Joy is like a glue. It will attract people to you to assist in creating your heart's desire. Joy-n together. Co-create. Laugh. Play. New life is just this side of paradise.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Idling in Neutral

My July blog was about reaching zero point. It has taken three months for us to integrate enough of this energy to actually feel it in our bodies and see the outward manifestation of it in our lives. Fatigue and lethargy seem to be the prominent physical manifestations, while neutrality about anything and everything seems to have immobilized us from moving on our outward manifestation.

The current energy is a spiritual no man's land - quite literally for me as I have yet to find a place to live that feels right. In this no man's land we may feel totally detached and choose to detach from the 3D reality. We may have the urge to move away from urban areas, find a community of like-minded people, live in a "green" home, off the land, and off the grid.

It has been a long and at times arduous process for us to release and release, transmute and transmute the lower vibrational "baggage" we all packed. I must have thought I was going on an a hugely extended stay when I packed my "bags" before arriving on earth this lifetime. In the past three months, I have unpacked so much energetic and karmic baggage that when I think about it, I literally get dizzy. Oh but there's more! There always is and the next big purge is coming between mid October and mid November. For those who are dedicated to self growth, it is like going through airport security, everyone one of your bags opened, the contents dumped onto the table, and each piece inspected. How's that for "homeland" security!

What is the "security" about? It is about being secure in who we are. It is about knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt who we and why we are here. It is about believing in ourselves, trusting in our unique divine blueprint, and the one Source of All. As I say in my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, "Your security is directly proportional to your faith."

While it feels like we are idling in neutral with no apparent motion, it is important to note we are not in park. When a vehicle is in neutral, it can be moved by outside forces. When it is in park, the vehicle normally cannot be moved. We are transmuting and integrating a gargantuan amount of energy while we are in neutral, which started after the summer solstice. This monumental move up in frequency cycle will end on the 11/11/11 gateway next month, when we finally get the green light to shift into drive.

For now, go within and do your inner work. Just be and be grateful...for everything.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Silver Lining

There is a lot of talk about the astrology and energies of September. I can understand why. What is occurring now is quite unique, at least in this lifetime.

Our third Mercury Retrograde for 2009 began on September 7. Mercury retrograde asks us to rethink, revise, and take time to go inward and clean house. Just two days later, we experienced the energy of 09/09/09 - completion and mastery. Today, September 15, Saturn opposes Uranus for the third time out of a total of five in a two-year period. Saturn deals with structure, authority, and form while Uranus calls us to do things differently. Three days later on September 18, there is a powerful new moon ushering in new beginnings and four days following this is the fall equinox. Equinoxes are a time of balance and intense change. Just as the leaves fall to earth, our energy is drawn down as well. Trees shed what once gave them life. We are asked to do the same. Finally, Mercury goes direct on September 29. Wow, that's a lot of change but what does it mean?

Here is my energetic take for this month. September has this push-pull or opposing energy. Completion versus new beginnings. Structure versus radical reform. Review and wait to act versus sudden changes and awakenings. It's schizophrenic energy to say the least!

What is happening is as creation is speeding up, opposing energies show up at the same time. What is true is that all types of energy are accessible at all times. We are now able to actually experience what this means. Change is happening so rapidly that eventually the rate of change will increase so much, that we will not notice the changes in the moment. As I say in my book,
In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, "Change becomes the familiar structure." It is as though a change grid is forming over the earth to hold the vibration of this monumental amount of change.

Expect the change that is happening this month to be permanent. I have noticed several themes for this year: expect things to do a 360 (see my January 2009 blog) and only forward motion. There is no going back. What you choose to change now you will live with for a long time. Choose wisely. Take your time, unless something or someone comes to you suddenly and you know in your heart it is part of your path.
You may feel that you are being pulled in two different directions. Look again. Perhaps it looks like two different directions to your old way of thinking. Think again. Reconsider. What appears to be in opposition is just the flip side of the same coin. Find your silver lining.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life

Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Phew! What an intense month it has been! Since the start of the "Holy Trinity" of eclipses on July 7, the heat was on. Like being placed inside a pressure cooker over a high flame, we were accelerated to high pressure and temperature almost immediately. It was as if the universe decided to put our worn out beliefs and patterns on the menu board of a cosmic fast food restaurant. No time to wait for the powerless beliefs to slowly boil and float to the surface. Even flash frying fears of being seen for who we really are takes too long. We no longer had the luxury of taking years or months to look at our stuff, letting it simmer slowly until it is done.

Just when you thought you and the pressure cooker were going to explode, the heat was turned off and the pressure dropped to zero. The change in energy on August 6 was palpable. I attended a full moon ceremony that evening and so many of the attendees commented on the energetic shift, expressing their gratitude for the breath of fresh air.

It is a great time to take a deep breath, congratulate, and thank yourself for making it through these eclipses. Go for a hike. Go for a swim. Go for a picnic. Take frequent naps. Meditate. Do what you know helps you to integrate all the changes of the past month. Whatever you do, don't get too comfortable. More change is on the way. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.

These three eclipses cleared the way for your essential self to shine through. Intellectually, you may now realize who you truly are but until you experience who you really are, you cannot fully embody and assimilate it. The next set of changes will provide opportunities for you to show the world who you really are and allow you to experience your divinity.

It is time for you step fully into your power. Don your royal robes and look at yourself in the mirror. The person you see in the mirror is the one you have been waiting for, the one that has been there all along. Your tireless inner work and dedication to be in service to all lifted your false facade. Welcome home to your essence, to the core of your being, to the heart of who you are.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zero Point

Zero point. Still point. Electromagnetic null zone. Neutrality. The last judgment. The second resurrection. Ascension.

Many of you may have heard and read about these terms. Until now, they were just concepts. For the lightworkers these terms are now becoming real. I realized about a week ago that we, "the ones we have been waiting for," are at zero point. Things have come to a standstill or still point. Perhaps you have felt it: the need for extra sleep and frequent naps, the calm before the storm, and the feeling that our divine timing is not quite here and yet is within our reach. We are standing at the precipice of the new world whose gate is about to open.

sicists describe zero point as a point of super-concentrated energy. These zero points exist within the zero point energy field that can be described as the energy that remains after all other energy is removed from any system. This means that the amount of energy in any system can never reach zero or as Newton described it, energy can never be destroyed. Since we are made of energy, we, too, are eternal. It also makes us rethink the meaning of the term "void."

Think of space as filled with these zero points that represent hyperspatial en
ergy and serve as gateways to other dimensions. According to David Shiga, who published an article entitled, "Could Black Holes be Portals to Other Universes?" in the New Scientist 4/24/2007: "Einstein's theory of general relativity says black holes should form whenever matter is squeezed into a small enough space." He goes on to say that black holes are most likely wormholes, which warp the space-time continuum and connect one place in the universe to another. Look at this image of the flower of life from which all forms in the universe arise. One could say that this is the matrix or zero point energy field from which everything originates. When these circles within circles cross and form a point, these points that are created are zero points or portals.

What does it mean to be at zero point? The veils are being lifted. Our thoughts begin to manifest almost immediately. We can literally travel "down the rabbit hole." The pendulum is at its equilibrium position. People and systems can now become balanced. The masculine and feminine energies within each of us are in harmony. Any build up of charge around any person or circumstance can now be easily neutralized. We are experiencing a collective Sacrament of Reconciliation. Each of us are balancing our own set of karmic books and worn out belief systems. As we reconcile the books to bring them to a zero balance, we become congruent. The word reconciliation means the process of making consistent or congruous. Who we really are now matches how we portray ourselves in the world.

Our journey ultimately leads us back to the "void" from whence we came. The accumulated mass of polarities has shifted to the neutral zone. Here all duality of positive and negative ceases to exist. The final accounting of your life's ledger clears all debits and credits. We return to the zero point, the stillness, the void, love itself. All charges or attachments to things or people, be they positive or negative, are discharged and replaced with compassionate detachment. I know you are connected to me and I am connected to you through the divine matrix or zero point energy field and therefore, separation at this level cannot exist. We are part of the One Source of All. With this wisdom, there can be no judgment, for if I judge you, I also judge myself. The last judgment is upon us.

As the Earth creates shifts in her poles, we, too, shift our attention from duality to neutrality. Things, circumstances, and people are no longer good or evil, they just are. This is the true awakening to zero point.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Death of the Icon

As soon as I heard of the death of Michael Jackson, I knew it was symbolically huge. What did Michael Jackson represent to the mass consciousness? He was an icon. The world viewed him as a superstar, bigger than life, exceptionally talented, and one who was unafraid of showing the world who he really was.

His death represents the death of the icon. One definition for icon is a representation of some sacred personage. We looked up to him and other icons as being "more" than we are: more talented, more successful, more powerful, etc. We have given our power away long enough. Our power is not outside of ourselves. Just look in the mirror and you will see the physical representation of your sacred personage. You, too, are a god or goddess incarnate. The Source of All moves through each of us equally. All we need do is to awaken to this truth and take back our God-given power. This is clearly a doorway for us to awaken to who we truly are.

The word icon exists in our vocabulary because the notion of a deity being outside of ourselves was planted in mass consciousness. We have worshiped stones, symbols, and beings because we were told we were less than. Somewhere along the way, something was lost in the translation and transcription of Jesus' words - You are gods and goddesses. This and more shall you do.

When I looked at the word "icon" I noticed that it can be separated into "I" and "con". Con is an adverb meaning against and it is also a verb meaning to learn, study, peruse, or examine carefully. One could look at the meaning of icon and say I am against it or we could look at it as "I can" instead. We could also think of it as "I am learning, studying, and examining who I really am.

It is clearly time to extract the word icon from mass consciousness and replace it with "I can" and "I am that. I am."

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Equal and Opposite Reaction

Dear Friends of the Light,

I know many of us are weary and ask how much longer can we endure more of the same. We have listened to our inner knowing, our God Self, and faithfully carried out the orders from mission control. Sometimes these directives meant leaving home, family, friends, possessions, and professions. We made friends instead with the dark nights of the soul. Most importantly, we opened our hearts - the master key that opens all doors.

Many of us are now remembering who we truly are. This is necessary in order for us to stand fully in our power. For true power comes from living the truth of who you are. Before the pendulum can swing back the other way so we can find our new balance point, we must be able to stand in our power.

We hold the light, not through doing, but being who we are. We hold it by speaking our truth, by assisting others to remember who they are, by being in our joy amidst the chaos, by being the beacon for others to find their way.

We held space for humanity and the planet long enough that the energy now must return to us. It is how energy works. Think of it like a tsunami. Because of this great disruption in energy, the tide flows farther out to sea than it normally does. For so long, much our of personal world has evaporated - money, home, possessions, etc., that we think it will not return. Everything seems eerily quiet and at a standstill, just like it does after the tide goes out in a tsunami. The energy that caused the tide to go out to sea must come back into balance. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Now the wave comes back with more force than normal. Prepare for the wave of opposite energy to come back. Do not be surprised at the speed and enormity of what is about to enter our lives. Look at it and remember the energy we expended to be where we are and to remember who we are. We will not be surprised for we will remember the way of the universe and instead, we are grateful.

In my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, the writing for "Sight" begins

The blessings of those chosen to bring forth the light are here now. They fall upon those who hear the words of truth. Riches pour forth now. All are bathed in the light of compassion. It is happening before your eyes.

The tide is turning and our rewards are great. We lifted our frequencies high enough to affect change in the world. We excelled in our mission. Each of us will be called up on stage to receive our reward.

I am so grateful to each of you for the marvelous work you have done. Because of you and your love, we will all live in a much brighter world. And so it is.

Many blessings my friends!

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Locked In

For a while last year, I had client after client tell me they feel "stuck." The feeling of not being able to move forward is an illusion since everything in the universe is in motion. It is our human perception that gives us the appearance of stagnation.

I came up with an analogy for this experience that is also appropriate to describe the current energies. I grew up in a small town on the Erie Canal so it was easy for me to come up with the analogy of a canal system with a series of locks. Locks are used to raise or lower the barge depending on the level of the canal. Once a barge enters a lock, the gates behind and in front of the barge are closed. Water is then allowed to enter or exit the lock depending on the topography. While the barge is in the lock, it appears it is not moving relative to its immediate environment, even though water is flowing into or out of the chamber.

Which brings me to the current energies. It may appear that there is no outward movement. We can feel that our next mission is so close we can touch it and yet, it seems as though we are not progressing. We are like the barge in a lock. Until we allow in just the right amount of energy, we cannot move forward into the higher level of ourselves. Until the gates to the new kingdom are opened, we are locked in. We have also "locked in" on our target - who we really are and why we came. There is no need to wonder if we will arrive. Our guidance system is true.

Currently, there is much going on in our inner worlds. If we choose to scale a mountain, we must prepare at all levels. Physically, I am preparing for the new energies by hiking and working in the yard to stay grounded. Mentally, I scan my every thought to insure it is not limiting me. I open my mind to all possibilities and to the possibility that I may do things that I never dreamed of doing. Emotionally, I allow myself to feel every emotion without losing my center. Spiritually, I stay tuned into my energy, adjusting it as needed through meditation, music, toning, or being out in nature.

So here we are, preparing to scale to heights we have not yet attained. If we embark unprepared, we will not reach the top. Once our lock is full and the gate is open, we will move swiftly and easily into our higher level of being - into who we truly are.

The gates will open in June and after a short period of integration, we will know and feel we are at another level in July. Are you ready to allow joy, peace, love, and abundance to fill your life? Now is the time to prepare.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As I was channel surfacing last night, I noticed "Gone with the Wind" was on. I have seen the movie so many times that I knew intermission was coming right after the scene where Scarlet says, "As God as my witness, I will never be hungry again." The word "Intermission" was scrolled across the screen and of course the theme music was playing in the background. As I sat there blankly staring at the word intermission, it dawned on me. Yes, it is the perfect word to describe where we are energetically right now.

The prefix "inter" means between. That is where we've been for the past couple of months - between missions. The work we have been doing is coming to an end or may have ended for some of us. We are in a limbo state while the codes come in for the next manifestation of our soul work. Perhaps you have felt it, that in between state of neither being fully here nor fully there. I have experienced several days over the past month where I do not feel present. I know what it is like to feel out of my body and what it is like when my higher self is off preparing my way. This is different. It is like I vacated my body.
We are on a vacation of sorts while we await the next set of orders from mission control.

Even my mail was in limbo as my post office thought that the forward was still active. For a couple of days, I had no address. Quite interesting especially since it occurred over Easter weekend. Perhaps it was symbolic of the death of my old self and now the resurrection of the new.

Also over Easter weekend, my computer experienced some technical challenges. In order to fix it, I did a system restore. I think in a way we are all experiencing our version of a system restore, only we are not going back in time to restore ourselves, we are going forward in time. Our systems are being rewired to accommodate the frequency of our next mission.

Without taking the time for this rewiring and decoding, our minds could not handle the enormity of our next mission. In order to be able to integrate this change on a cellular level, we are waking up now to who we really are. (Read my previous blog and you will understand.) The oracle card that keeps coming up for me lately is "Dream Big." Allow the thought that what you are about to do is grander and greater than you have ever imagined. Dream big. The sky is not the limit. There are no limits.

Celebrate and savor each moment. These days will soon be gone. There is no going back. By this summer we will see the fruits of our labor. We are about to give birth to our new selves and our new mission. On the weekend of May 9, there will be a rebirth celebration since it is the midpoint of the sixth day of the Mayan Calendar. To read more about this event, click here. Prepare your own rebirth celebration.

For now, why not get some popcorn, come back and relax, and enjoy the show!

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Human Angel

For years I have wondered who I really am. I always felt that I am more than a human being. Since I was young, I knew I was different and that I have an important assignment to carry out. Knowing who I really am is essential for me, for I know that once I remember, my real work begins.

Symbols are an important part of my life. Their meaning transcends words and I understand them so deeply. They are such a part of my life that sometimes the symbols become literal. So it comes as no surprise that my higher self chose Easter week for the resurrection of who I really am.

On Holy Thursday, which also happened to be a full moon, a small group of "kindred souls" gathered inside a most special and sacred lodge. We shared our thoughts with each other. One of us began to give messages and then facilitated the energy for clear visions for each of us. When it was my turn, my vision was that of an angel with silver wings and a ball of light in her heart. I soon realized that the angel I saw is who I really am. Tears began to flow. I hear in my head, "I haven't fallen. I haven't fallen." I remembered that I had mastered many things and decided to come to Earth and experience what it is like to be human, to master that, and share with the world my heart light. Then I remembered the name of the location where I did my healing work...Heart Light Passages. More tears. I was told there will be more books and more information coming through. So much more than I had ever envisioned is coming.

Since Thursday, I have been getting message after message confirming my essence. It will take a bit to integrate this and allow each of my cells to really feel it and know it. Just a couple of months ago I again asked for an answer to the question "Who am I?" Things are clearly accelerating.

The beauty of Thursday evening was that I remembered. No one told me this is who I am. Would I have believed them if they had? When the knowing comes from the depths of who we are, we cannot deny it. I am an angel having an occasional human experience. My world has been turned upside down.

My December blog was titled, "Fallen Angel." Our higher selves are so cleaver. They keep sending messages any way they can until we get it. Now I also understand that I never "fell." I chose to come here, especially at this time, to be one of us, to experience pain, sorrow, joy, and love, and to assist us all in remembering who we really are. Love.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Into the Deep

We are now in the depth of the shift. The energies of what was and what is to come are swimming together in a bubbling cauldron. Like a witch's brew, we are going through an alchemical process. This is our perfect storm.

We are not allowed to put off until tomorrow the work of self-transformation. I saw several people this week who are at a critical juncture in their lives. With their life force waning, they may be faced with the decision to live or transition out of this life. For years now, I have been saying that this time of transition will ask each of us to "sign up" or "sign out." The word intense does not begin to describe this pressure-cooker energy.

The waves of change are now cresting. A tsunami of dark nights of the soul are crashing on the shore of humanity. How will we ride these waves of change? Will we pull in our anchors, our supports, and head into the wind, into the crest of the wave to ride out the storm? Or, will our fear of making a decision and taking life-affirming action drown us? Do we have the courage, the energy, and the will to save ourselves from all of this tumult?

Collectively and individually we are asked these questions. We have little time to make a decision. It forces us to be in the moment and to TRUST our inner guidance and intuition.

Our intuition is our lifeline, our direct connection to Source. No anchor or boat landing will withstand the force of this storm. Go with the flow we must.

If you would like some free lifelines or tools for riding the waves of change, please visit the home page of my website, My book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul is a tool for self-transformation, along with its accompanying Key of Life elixir. I also offer personal transformation sessions over the phone. Just visit the products and services page of my website.

Remember, you are loved beyond measure and powerful beyond words. My love to you.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Living in Right Relationship

Self-discovery is a journey each of us enters alone. No one else can walk our path to who we are. Yet, we walk this journey in the world, not in a vacuum. We live in a world of the relative. Our thoughts, words, and deeds acquire meaning relative to something else, whether it be a social norm, another person's values, or our own standards.

Relating with another is the best and perhaps hardest way to unfold and know who we are. As we walk our path to self-awareness, people come into our lives always bearing gifts. We can all think of people who have come into our lives and forever changed us because of their presence or "presents." Some have come and gone. Some still remain. And some are yet to come.

Tonight's full moon lunar eclipse on 02-09-2009, which happens to be an 11:11 gateway, opens us to live in right relationship with ourselves and others. We experienced monumental change last year and of course, the change continues. As we pass through this gateway, (just look at 11:11 and it looks like a gate) the energy within our relationships with ourselves and others will align itself with our current consciousness. Beliefs, dreams, and ideals that are no longer in alignment with who we are now, come up for review, revision, or removal. Similarly, our relationships with others may come up for review, revision, or removal. Realigning our energy is sometimes uncomfortable and in the long run, necessary for growth.

As I wrote in my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, "Change becomes the familiar structure." It is best we make friends with change and soon. In two short years, we will enter the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar. The last cycle, called the universal cycle, is characterized by conscious co-creation and a shift in consciousness every 20 days. Currently, most of us raise our consciousness about every year. Just think back to last year at this time and how you thought about things and notice how you have changed. Now, imagine going through that change in less than a month!

The purpose of walking our path is to unfold ourselves and show our true essence. Think of it as removing worn out layers of clothes. We are now getting close to removing our under garments. So, as our relationships change and come into harmony with who we are now, remember this too shall pass. Be in the moment! Enjoy! For we may never pass this way again.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


It started several nights ago in a dream. I dreamed I was looking at what I thought was a submarine because of its shape and it is was on the surface of the water. I had the feeling the people on board were afraid but that everything would be okay. Later in the same dream, I found myself on a ship listing sharply. I noticed I was not afraid even though the ship turned over under the water and righted itself. I knew through the whole experience everything would be fine.

After watching the news this evening, I realize that the submarine I thought I saw in my dream was actually an airplane, most likely the US Airways plane that crash landed on the Hudson River. It must have been terrifying for the passengers and crew, wondering if they were about to lose their lives. Miraculously, everyone survived. What appeared to be a tragedy quickly turned around and became a miracle.
The universe wants to come 360 and turn adversity into advantage. Only a complete turn of events is satisfactory for this new year. Calm through chaos. Blessings through adversity. Such is the energy of 2009.

While thankfully I haven't experienced things this extreme, I have had experiences since 2009 began that appeared to be not so pleasant and almost immediately turned themselves 360 degrees and became miraculous.
When I saw that my latest heating bill was almost $1000, I admit I had an emotional response although I stayed calm. I always say that everything is a gift and the gift from this experience came quickly. The high fuel bill made possible the experience and feeling of total love and faith in me as someone close to me offered to help pay the bill. The real gift was not the money. It was the unconditional love and care that was given to me. That, my friends, is priceless.

So as 2009 continues to unfold, watch for complete turn of events. Remember, this too shall pass - quickly. Stay calm in chaos. Expect miracles and love even more deeply than you thought possible.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.