Friday, February 8, 2019

Change is Here!

Like everything else around us, my work is changing. I wanted to let you know about the changes and announce  my new internet radio show.

For the next several years and beyond, we will experience unprecedented change - changes within Mother Earth, from the sun, within our governments, and every other facet of our lives. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be left unchanged. As Uranus, the planet of awakening and sudden change, re-enters the sign of Taurus, the most earth-like sign of the Zodiac for the next seven or so years, and with the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020, it can be no other way. Expect more severe Earth and weather changes, governmental changes, monetary changes, and the list goes on. 

I am guided to share information about these changes in a new way. The focus of my work is shifting from writing to speaking and teaching. As such, I have started an internet radio show called Earth Energy Forecast on BlogTalkRadio. It generally airs every Tuesday at 2 PM Eastern where I or my guests discuss recent Earth changes, solar activity, pole movement, the science behind the movement, societal changes, anomalous weather events, astrological impacts, my intuitive insights into the current energies, ways to ride the waves of change and live more consciously on Mother Earth, and what we can do to affect positive change.

The Maya call this the lifetime of change. Most indigenous people refer to this time as the great purification. The Earth's magnetic poles have been migrating erratically and moving more quickly now. Just recently, it was reported that magnetic north was migrating from Canada towards Siberia. This rapid migration caused the recalculation of the World Magnetic Model so that the GPS would still be accurate. There is little doubt in the scientific community that we are in the midst of a pole reversal. When this will complete is still uncertain. Some say it will take thousands of years, some sixty years, others twenty-seven years, and some even say as early as five to seven years. This magnetic reversal will result in major Earth changes, so it is vitally important to stay up-to-date with the latest information. That is what I intend to provide on my radio show.

I hope that you will listen each week to various guests, teachings, information, and updates on Earth Energy Forecast. If you miss a show, you can still listen to it in the archive and download the podcast.

As another way of getting my work out to more people, I have also added six downloadable webinars to my website that you can purchase that contain most of the information from Hardwired to Heaven (which is no longer in print) and my last book, Into the Heart of Love. I am also bringing back an updated version of my Coeuressence School of Self-Mastery, a self-paced study that includes a pdf of my first book In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul, a guidebook, five sound activations for self-forgiveness, self-worth, self-love, self-empowerment, and self-mastery, initial questionnaire and personal session with me, and for a limited time, all six webinars. Just go to the store page of my website to purchase any of the above.

Thanks for your support and for being here on beautiful Mother Earth at this time of renewal. Most prophecies include that there will be a time of peace and cooperation after these "bumps in the road." May it be so and may we all awaken to the love that we are!