Monday, August 6, 2012

Divine Initiations

This past week has been one powerful initiation after another. It started on Tuesday with the yearning to walk in the woods. I drove to a local trail and walked to a swampy area where I was greeted by a dragonfly who landed on me. As I was taking in the beauty of the water lilies, listening to the bullfrogs, and watching the butterflies, I found myself doing ceremony to remove any and all shields that kept me from living as the god that I AM. After I removed a shield over my heart, I looked up and directly above me was a heart-shaped cloud. Not only did the heavens partake in the ceremony, various creatures took turns: a butterfly appeared to symbolize my transformation and the squawk of a blue jay reminded me to use this power wisely. It was as if a higher consciousness entered me and performed the ceremony. From that moment, I knew the Joan I used to be was gone.

A couple of days later, I went to view a life-sized replica of the Moses' Sanctuary and the Hebrew Tabernacle. I knew I needed to see it since several years ago I had witnessed a "burning bush" with a friend of mine. The bush was just behind the house across the street from my friend's house. Several days after the fire, I went to visit her. My friend's house was untouched by the fire that had consumed seven homes. I looked across the street and saw there was no bush in the area where both of us had witnessed the "burning bush."  "Liz, there was no bush there," I said incredulously. "I know, freaky," she responded.

A lovely young woman from Brazil led the tour through the sanctuary. As she was explaining the diorama in front of us and what we would be seeing later in the tour, I received a download. I am in the process of completing my manuscript for my second book and I realized that the Moses's Sanctuary (which later became Solomon's Temple) symbolizes what the book is about: remembering our divinity. I had written about the significance of blood and gold and I was being shown how the ancients performed their alchemical ceremony of atonement that I discuss in the book as taking place within us now. While we were seated at the holy of holies, the tour guide said we are living in the time of atonement. We are able to become "golden" and overcome disease, death, and all other limitations. Not only was it another confirmation about the information in the book, it confirmed that I am remembering my divinity.

The next day, I was asked by a soul sister to coordinate a remote group healing session for the following morning for her sister. When it is divine timing, everything easily falls into place. Five powerful healers swiftly came together and answered the call. My twin flame, Steven, was one of the healers and had called me just before the group session. "This is as much about all of us as it is for her," he said. I agreed, wondering what other miraculous occurrence would befall me. As my part in the healing, I assisted in transmuting the energy as I was feeling what she and her sister were feeling. I have never felt someones pain that intensely before - another initiation, I thought.

On Sunday, I was guided to rewrite my DNA. I know that our beliefs can change our DNA and what I was told was that the power of the written word was needed in the re-writing. So with pen and paper in hand, I started to rewrite my DNA. When I was about to finish, the phone rang. It was my friend and editor who was also one of the healers. Through our conversation, I realized the thread I needed to carry through the chapter I am writing and understood its importance in the book. Not surprisingly, I have had the most resistance to writing this chapter since this chapter tells my story, why this book is the natural outcome of what I have experienced, and reveals who I really am to the world. 

Earlier that morning, I had done some tracking with the pendulum and I knew I was the next in line for healing. After my conversation, I finished rewriting my DNA and then sent an email. While on Facebook, I noticed that Steven was online. After instant messaging him about my healing, he immediately called me to assist.

My father died over thirty years ago and my uncle died over ten years ago. I found out that both had decided to stay with me and protect me. It takes quite a bit of energy for a spirit to do this and the energy they needed came from me. This explained my lack of energy and many physical symptoms. With unconditional love, we sent them back to the light. Not only had I rewritten my DNA, but I also removed my familial ties. Clearly, I am not the Joan I used to be.

I have been living my next book, Remembering Your Divinity: Entering the Heart of Creation, as I have been writing it. This week was an initiation in re-membering my divinity. Guess what the thread is for the chapter I was so reluctant in writing? It is about my heart. The heart is our connection to Source and our divinity.

Are you experiencing your own divine initiations? We are ascending and becoming congruent with our higher selves. Happy initiations!