Monday, December 7, 2009

'Tis the Season

I love the holidays, especially when they are celebrated consciously. We start the holiday season with Thanksgiving. What a beautiful way to begin with the vibration of gratitude. It reminds us the way to start anything is with gratitude.

Hanukkah and Christmas are next in the holiday parade.
Hanukkah reminds us that our essential nature is light. The word Christmas is literally defined as Christ's festival, the celebration of the birth of a master. A master who mirrored to us who we are. It was the advent of Christ consciousness within the matrix. Joy and good/god will are part of our original blueprint, something to be shared everyday instead of once a year. As the Hopi say, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are our own saviors. No one and nothing outside ourselves will "save" us from our limited belief systems but ourselves. It is time to celebrate the masters of light that we are!

On New Year's Eve we reflect on the past year. We take time to review our actions and beliefs, knowing that self-reflection is key to self-growth. It is also time to make resolutions and set intentions for the new year.
It is interesting that we use the term new not next to describe the coming year. New Year's Day holds the energy of renewal, when the universe hands us another year upon which to write our life. Our hearts are full of gratitude for another year. The holiday cycle is complete!

This holy-day season, may you awaken to the Christ consciousness within and celebrate the God that you are! May your new year be filled with joy, hope, love, laughter, peace, and gratitude.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.