Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rise Above

Every challenge of the past week has asked me to rise above the situation and see it from a new perspective. Things really aren't the way they appear, or rather I should say, the way they appeared. My old thought patterns of "expect the worst" and "everything is a battle" were confronted with a new mosaic this week: things will work out with ease and grace if I stay in the moment and stay positive.

I was conditioned to believe that life is hard from past experiences, family, and past lives. Notice I used the word "past" twice. The past is past and the way we lived and our beliefs are also passe. We are literally creating our experiences in real time now. We have always been co-creators of our reality but the lag time between our thoughts and heart desires and their manifestation was so large, we couldn't see the connection. All of that has changed now and we can't miss the connection or synchronicity.

Synchronicity is increasing. All we need do is pay attention and we will see it everywhere. A couple of weeks ago, I had a line of the song "Landslide" playing in my head. I turned on my car radio and the exact line played in its entirety. What are the odds of that? Let's start doing the math: take the number of radio stations I could have tuned into and multiply that by the number of songs that could play on any of those stations. I think you get the idea. Or that a friend of mine, who lives 2500 miles away, went to a pre-scheduled dental appointment at the same time I went to an emergency dental appointment on the same day for issues on the same tooth? It is undeniable that we are all connected and live in an interwoven web of consciousness that we can finally tune into. Our frequency has sufficiently increased to catch Source's signal. That's huge. That's life-changing. That means we can now use our hardwired connection to Source from our hearts and download our desires with a high speed internet connection!

In the blink of an eye, we can change our world and our perception of it. We can manifest our heart's deepest desires more easily. Our biggest challenge now is to watch our thoughts and to be centered in our hearts - our connection to Source. Ask what your heart desires more than anything. Take a couple steps in that direction, stay positive, and watch the Universe respond in ways you never thought possible...until now!