Thursday, September 6, 2007


As spiritual warriors, we have been flying, for the most part, a well-chartered course, each of us with our unique assignment, awaiting the green light. All is prepared and in order: jump suits, maps, compass, survival gear, and parachutes. It's time to stand up, hook up and shuffle to the front. There is only enough time left for last minute checks. Everything latched and secured? We take another step closer to the door. Our hearts begin to pound. Sweat beads up like water on duck's back.

For years we have prepared for this very moment. We willingly and lovingly chose this mission and now that we are about to embark on our first campaign, shock sets in. We forget what we had remembered. Our internal guidance system seems to have malfunctioned and our full attention goes to the pit of our stomachs. Thoughts permeate the cabin like intuitive whispers. "It is really happening. Are we ready?"

Something brings us back to the task at hand. We realize we are next in line to jump. The words "next" and "go" echo through our heads like an eagle's cry in a canyon. "Who packed our chutes?" Panic sets in for a moment, then we hear "TRUST." We look up, see the green light, and hear "Go!" In the millisecond it takes us to leap from the plane, a total life review flashes before our eyes. We see, hear, and feel everything we have experienced. Without another thought, our body is in free-fall and quite literally, anything that has held us back, falls away. We are totally free. In this beautiful and terrifying moment, we finally feel what it is like to be truly alive, to live our life with abandon, and to be fully focused on the moment of now. No thoughts are necessary. Every action occurs on cue, as if perfectly orchestrated.

Our hands feel the ring and our arms move away from our bodies. After the sound of the chutes opening, we feel a strong tug at our shoulders, as if our guardian angels have grabbed us and said, "We've got you." We float, silently. We see things from a new perspective. Everything looks different, more vibrant, more alive. A knowing comes that our landing sites have already been prepared and we relax into the hands of the universe to guide us gently and effortlessly to where our new work will begin.

Before I moved to Sedona, I had asked myself, "Can I jump and know the universe will catch me?" It is time for all of us to jump and trust the universe will catch us. As the fall equinox approaches, I realize it is time for "fall," a free-fall into who we really are, into our, until now, top secret assignments, and play the part we agreed to play.

As I jump and trust the universe will catch me on my journey across country to promote my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, and my new school based on the book called Coeuressence, I know I am not alone. When those moments of loneliness come, I will look up and see many of my fellow spiritual warriors floating down into their next assignments.

"Move your arms!" I hear, and as I do, I feel I am flying, supported by my own wings... and realize we all are stepping into who we truly are - human angels.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.