Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crowning Achievements

We entered a new cycle at the beginning of 2013, shortly after the 12/21/2012 gateway. I like to use the analogy of birth because we are really rebirthing ourselves anew. 

July was an intense month full of labor pains. So many of us felt it physically with various symptoms. Interestingly, I had gastrointestinal issues - the area close to the womb. We also felt it emotionally. I felt an extreme amount of stress and pressure similar to labor contractions. 

This week we entered the Lion's Gate, or, as I liken it, the birth canal. We will probably have one more big contraction before the crowning, in late September/October. So many of my friends have some pivotal, potentially life-changing events happening around this time. Two friends will be moving and another may have to move. Another friend will be taking an exam that will determine whether she keeps her current job. Yet another will be meeting with a group of people that may fund a major project of his and finally set the wheels in motion. The completed manuscript for my new book, Doorway to the Divine: Unlocking the Mystery & Magic of the Heart of Creation, will be off to my first publishing house, Findhorn Press, by the end of September.

We will be completing a long stretch of stillness, going within, rest or "gestation." September is the ninth month! We will finally start to see our "crowning" achievements begin to manifest this fall. These events will ultimately push us out into the world. When my book is published in the spring, it will already be international because Findhorn Press is located in Scotland. "Going global" requires us to push past our comfort zones. Birth is not usually comfortable and it is a most joyous experience! Moving to a new location, changing jobs, and achieving life-long goals can be very stressful and wonderful.

This fall, as we embark on a new path of the spiral of life, be prepared for the joy of rebirth and perhaps a bit of postpartum depression. We are leaving behind the afterbirth of our small selves to clear the way for our authentic selves to be born. We are embodying our divine essence so that we may be the shining examples of humanity's greatest potential. Next year we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work creating a new world from our doorway to the divine - our hearts.

If you may be experiencing some life-changing events, please leave a comment like "Me too!" or "Yes!" Thank you. It helps to know we are not alone in this journey of awakening. ;)