Friday, February 2, 2018

Taking the Wheel

Wiped clean. Fresh start. Blank slate. Pure potential. Uncharted territory.

Can you relate to any of these phrases? We are in a new time and a new place - a place where humanity has never visited before. A new day and a new dawn is breaking. Everything is different and more importantly, everything works differently.

Welcome to human 2.0. Not only has our operating system been changed, but the machine itself, our body, has changed. The Adam Kadmon (the perfect body that merges with God) is awakening in many of us, allowing our full potential as co-creators with God to emerge. We are now conscious "real-time" creators of our life. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall open for you - not twelve years from now, not twelve weeks from now but maybe twelve days from now or less! As I wrote in my first book, In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul, "If we truly believe we can create our reality, then synchronicity happens immediately. The perceived time lapse between the thought and its manifestation is decreasing now. This time lapse facilitated your slumber and allowed for the illusion of powerlessness to pervade your minds until now. This is what it means to awaken."

Have you noticed that you are manifesting more quickly now? Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. Notice what emotions are coming up, old patterns that are surfacing to be cleared, and what manifests because of them. Recently, I was clearing an old pattern and I manifested a series of physical symptoms from the flu, to a bout of dizziness that kept me in bed for a day, a very painful rib that went out of alignment, and a fall all within a month! I'm not saying that your clearing or thoughts will manifest in this way. We all process our inner work differently. The point is things will show up rapidly and repeatedly until we shift our thoughts and emotions. I also had the experience of thinking of something I would like and then someone gives it to me without asking!

We can no longer live by default and let the Universe choose for us. The quick pick is no longer available for life's lottery. We have to pick our numbers. It's time to move from passive disempowered complacency to actively co-creating the life we envision.

Taking the wheel of creation can be a bit intimidating. In 2004, I performed a death and rebirth ceremony for myself. After the ceremony, I remember feeling similar to how I feel now. I wrote about it in In the Key of Life: "I asked for freedom and now that it is here, I find myself without a clear focus and my energy scattered. I would call myself back, but I don't know whom I am calling. I know I do not choose to call back the person I was. Is this what it feels like to be God? To know that I am like an Etch A Sketch wiped clean and waiting for the next creation to appear is daunting. I am the sea of pure potentiality.I felt it in my body, so much power. I want to run away and yet I know I must step into my power. It takes incredible courage to walk into it and say, 'I am God incarnate. I am the divine in form. Now I create.' Now I manifest, not from old unconscious thought patterns, but from each breath of my being and each word I utter...."

To successfully maneuver this energy, keep focused on your goal. Each day, revisit, revise, and refine what you choose to create and take at least one tangible step towards its manifestation. Show the Universe that you are in the driver seat of your dreams and watch what the Universe steers your way. 

Happy Creating!