Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Collective NDE

Each of us is living a "near death experience" or NDE.  We know our bodies still exist and yet we experience what it is like to be out of body. Have you felt like a walking zombie lately?

For months now, it has felt like we were dying yet we are still here.  What we are experiencing is the collective dying to left brain-dominated consciousness and simultaneously experiencing right brain expansive consciousness.  What is orchestrating this zombie-like experience is our hearts.  Yes, the heart, and not the brain, is mission control within the body.

The left brain is responsible for interpreting energy patterns so that we are able to make sense or rationalize what is happening in the physical realm.  This is why the left brain is the seat of reason.  Without our left brains, we would not be able to function in the physical reality.  If we remain stuck in our left brains, we begin to believe that what we see in the physical is all there is.  I am separate from everything and therefore the fear of not having enough is birthed.  Greed takes over and we all can see the effects of this greed in our world.  Separation consciousness is self-destructive.  It breeds competition and war.

In this time of the collective NDE, our left brains switch off for a while, allowing our right brains to take over.  Right brain consciousness taps into our creative, expansive selves.  When we meditate, we experience the bliss of "losing ourselves" in all there is.  Separation doesn't exist. The idea of competition is nonsense since we end up defeating ourselves.  We realize cooperation is the only way. 

It feels wonderful to be in your "right mind".  Everything is beautiful.  Love is all there is.  It is like reliving the 70's but the hippie movement didn't make a lasting change in the world.  When we are stuck in right brain consciousness, we live in la la land 24/7 floating around like a hovercraft going nowhere.  Nothing really materializes in our world.  In order for us spiritual beings having an occasional human experience to manifest anything in the physical, we must ground the energy.  The Kabbalah teaches us this.  The first Sephorith in the Tree of Life, upon which the tree is rooted, is Malkuth - Lord of Earth.  

The key to enlightenment is to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  "We live in a many and one universe" so says the first key in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. The right brain says "I am that" realizing the unity of all things.  I am part of the everything, even the energy that made me.  The left brains says "I am."  I am the individuated genius from an energy matrix from the vast Source of All.  No one has the exact same manifestation of codes as me.  This is the middle pillar Rebecca Carol Lee referred to in her book, The Three Resurrections.  The middle pillar is the blending of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the masculine and the feminine, the science and the mysticism creating the Divine Science.  

We are recalibrating our energy and rewiring our brains to first experience living in right brain consciousness for a while.  Have you tried counting money, remembering an address, or comprehending what you have just read lately?!  These are all left brain activities. If you feel like you are totally disconnected from "reality" and feel like a blissful cloud floating in a sea of noisy nonsense, this too shall pass.  Heaven is here now so be here now.  You are in a body and through that body you create.  You were born to create and there is no creating without interpreting the energy around you.  Soon we will marry our left hemisphere to our right hemisphere and create heaven on earth.  We live from our hearts, knowing that the heart is in control.  That, my friends, is what this whole ascension thing is about.  We become Adonai Ha-Aretz, Lord of Earth.