Monday, February 9, 2009

Living in Right Relationship

Self-discovery is a journey each of us enters alone. No one else can walk our path to who we are. Yet, we walk this journey in the world, not in a vacuum. We live in a world of the relative. Our thoughts, words, and deeds acquire meaning relative to something else, whether it be a social norm, another person's values, or our own standards.

Relating with another is the best and perhaps hardest way to unfold and know who we are. As we walk our path to self-awareness, people come into our lives always bearing gifts. We can all think of people who have come into our lives and forever changed us because of their presence or "presents." Some have come and gone. Some still remain. And some are yet to come.

Tonight's full moon lunar eclipse on 02-09-2009, which happens to be an 11:11 gateway, opens us to live in right relationship with ourselves and others. We experienced monumental change last year and of course, the change continues. As we pass through this gateway, (just look at 11:11 and it looks like a gate) the energy within our relationships with ourselves and others will align itself with our current consciousness. Beliefs, dreams, and ideals that are no longer in alignment with who we are now, come up for review, revision, or removal. Similarly, our relationships with others may come up for review, revision, or removal. Realigning our energy is sometimes uncomfortable and in the long run, necessary for growth.

As I wrote in my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, "Change becomes the familiar structure." It is best we make friends with change and soon. In two short years, we will enter the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar. The last cycle, called the universal cycle, is characterized by conscious co-creation and a shift in consciousness every 20 days. Currently, most of us raise our consciousness about every year. Just think back to last year at this time and how you thought about things and notice how you have changed. Now, imagine going through that change in less than a month!

The purpose of walking our path is to unfold ourselves and show our true essence. Think of it as removing worn out layers of clothes. We are now getting close to removing our under garments. So, as our relationships change and come into harmony with who we are now, remember this too shall pass. Be in the moment! Enjoy! For we may never pass this way again.

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