Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 - Back to the Future to Break Free

I don't usually write predictions for the coming year and for 2016, you don't need to be psychic to somewhat accurately foretell this year's coming events. What's different about this forecast is that it is somewhat based in science, some in esoteric knowledge, and some in metaphysics. 

"Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can move forward," I was told by a woman who owned a metaphysical store shortly after I returned home from months on the road traveling across the country. Her insight is perfect for what 2016 has in store for us.

For those of you who know all too well about mercury retrograde energy, be advised that 2016 will host not three but four mercury retrograde periods. We will be forced to review, rethink, revise, and most importantly, re-vision our path and purpose. What makes this retro energy more interesting, is that the cosmos is providing us an opportunity to view a supernova event that occurred back in 2014. It is said that we are currently living what we envisioned in the past. Certainly, the light we see coming from the cosmos is years old. Think back to what significant event(s) occurred in 2014. You may be revisiting that this year. Keep in mind that we will be able to see the light from a supernova so what is revealed this year will be huge.

Continuing with the cosmic theme, 2016 is the last year the earth will be in the galactic alignment zone. The past 36 years have been powerful and pivotal for humanity. As the earth moves through the last vestiges of the galactic equator, we may experience a "break free" type of energy, like the recoil of a gun or the snap of a slingshot. It offers us the opportunity to break free from the past. How appropriate, then, for the year to start in mercury retrograde. January rapidly returns us to look at what has been our biggest challenge over the past several years. It is a time of reflection, review, and re-evaluation. 

On a global scale, this recoil energy will bring copious amounts of charged particles from the galactic center and the sun. Expect more wild weather and severe Earth changes. The west coast of the US may be in for more and larger earthquakes due to the increased amount of weight on the plates from water and snow from the recent storms. Add to that the movement of the crust via mudslides and there could be a whole lot of shakin' going on. Volcanoes will be also be more active in 2016. Not only will the crust be moving, but the Earth's poles may take several giant steps closer to reversing. 

As the rifts within the Earth widen, the rifts between races and people may widen this year. All the shaking on Earth will be felt within each of us. Many of us will finally be able to shake free from anything that has kept us stuck in the past. Expect things to seem upside down this year. What worked in the past, will not work now. Even though it may seem like we are doing a lot of rework and re-visioning, it is not the same as living in the past or working with things the way we used to. 

2016 is a nine year and how appropriate, then, to have a new ninth planet again in our solar system. Poor Pluto was downgraded from planet status several years ago but still nonetheless powerful. Pluto is still in Capricorn so expect more of the same upheaval in social structures, especially in the monetary system. Wall Street had its worst January opening and I think there will continue to be big swings in the economy. Since nine is about completion and fulfillment, we will complete whatever needs to be completed in order to evolve. Nine energy will also be like a healing balm: It is highly spiritual, humanitarian, compassionate, tolerant, and unity consciousness. It may serve as the salve that soothes our sore selves and helps us to rise above the chaos.

From the current NOAA predictions, it looks like El Nino is going to make himself at home in 2016. Also, Saturn will be square Neptune for most of the year. Look for searing temperatures and tempers, violent storms and more violence. Also look for heart-opening emotionally-challenging events that will ultimately assist us in our evolution. 

This will be a year of rolling up our sleeves and geting our hands dirty as we embody our multidimensional selves. The picture I get is going from "white collar" (divine) to "blue collar" (mundane). With Saturn square Neptune for the majority of the year, it is time to get real with our spiritual ideals. We are in a human body on Earth and we need to deal with the physical using our spiritual principles and intuitive flashes. Time to walk our talk.

2016 will be a year of looking back in order to move forward to create our future - a future that is based in spiritual principles born of years of hard work and tears. 2011 through 2015 was a time of rebooting. 2016 is a time of re-visioning and reworking our dream, and in this age of Aquarius, it will be done together to benefit all of humanity. May it be so.

Much love, joy, peace, and prosperity in 2016. May we live and create from our hearts.