Thursday, December 6, 2012

Through the Zero Point

2012, the year that so many of us anxiously awaited for decades, is almost a memory. The end date of the Mayan Calendar is just two weeks away. 

Here I am at the precipice of a new world, and I can hardly get out of bed some days. Lethargy, aches and pains, emotional swings, memory loss, feelings of loss and being lost at times, sitting and starring, waiting and wondering, all the while doing nothing, describes my days. How do I create my new life and co-create this new world when it feels like I have early onset dementia?

This bardo-like state is a natural result of the many "deaths" I have experienced this year. How could it be otherwise? The world, as we have known it, is ending. Everything is changing at warp speed and yet, I seem to be moving at a snail's pace. What in what world is going on?!

Maureen Moss says we are at zero point. Others liken these times to being in the birth canal. I agree. We are inbetween two consciousness spirals. 

For many years, society was focused on the individual and even used the phrase, the "me" generation. For the lightworkers, it meant inner focus and work because we know if there is no peace within, there can be no peace without. 

Our next consciousness level is characterized by unity consciousness, or the "we" generation. Our attention turns outward as we co-create our new world from our hearts, not our heads. Thank God. I have no idea where my mind is.

When we switch from the "me" to the "we" consciousness spiral, the spiral changes direction. Whenever we break the plane of consciousness from one level to the next, there is a still point. Look at it this way, while driving an automobile, you have to stop before you put it in reverse. I wonder if my gears are stripped because I seem to be stopped for a while now!

Here is an image for these times. (After you read this, you will probably agree that I have lost my mind.) If you extend the lines of the "M"in the word "me" and bring them together until they touch, it will form a heart. Similarly, if you extend the lines of the "W" in the word "we" and bring them together until they touch, it will form an upside heart.

Now imagine putting the heart formed from the "M" and the heart formed from the "W" together until they touch at the apexes. It will form an "X" or an hour glass shape at the center. This is the shape at the center of a torus, which is the shape of the universe or any spiraled galaxy or vortex. The "V" portion indicates the spiral of the vortex spinning above, the point of intersection in the middle represents zero point, and the inverted "V" below indicates the vortex spinning outward in a different direction from how it was spinning above. The "V" on top naturally focuses energy inward. The inverted "V" on the bottom focuses energy outward. Neat, huh? What is the significance of the hearts, you ask? We become heart-centered instead of mind-centered. 

We recognize that the mind is just a tool. Like a computer, it helps us to interpret data. The heart, whose electromagnetic field is 5000 times stronger than the brain's, becomes our mission control. We get in touch with our feelings and they direct our actions. Love becomes our guiding principle.

Things seemed to accelerate in 2012 because we were near the apex of the vortex, where the speed increases. As water spins down a drain, it gains speed as the diameter of the vortex decreases. For now, we are at zero point, that place of suspended animation where no movement and all movement exist at the same time. In 2013, we begin our new journey from the apex of the vortex! Yeah! (I think.) 2013 may be like riding a rocket towards our dreams.

For now, I think I will put on some water for tea, sit and watch the sun dance off the ripples on the canal, and count my blessings. This bardo state, like everything else, shall pass.