Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Silver Lining

There is a lot of talk about the astrology and energies of September. I can understand why. What is occurring now is quite unique, at least in this lifetime.

Our third Mercury Retrograde for 2009 began on September 7. Mercury retrograde asks us to rethink, revise, and take time to go inward and clean house. Just two days later, we experienced the energy of 09/09/09 - completion and mastery. Today, September 15, Saturn opposes Uranus for the third time out of a total of five in a two-year period. Saturn deals with structure, authority, and form while Uranus calls us to do things differently. Three days later on September 18, there is a powerful new moon ushering in new beginnings and four days following this is the fall equinox. Equinoxes are a time of balance and intense change. Just as the leaves fall to earth, our energy is drawn down as well. Trees shed what once gave them life. We are asked to do the same. Finally, Mercury goes direct on September 29. Wow, that's a lot of change but what does it mean?

Here is my energetic take for this month. September has this push-pull or opposing energy. Completion versus new beginnings. Structure versus radical reform. Review and wait to act versus sudden changes and awakenings. It's schizophrenic energy to say the least!

What is happening is as creation is speeding up, opposing energies show up at the same time. What is true is that all types of energy are accessible at all times. We are now able to actually experience what this means. Change is happening so rapidly that eventually the rate of change will increase so much, that we will not notice the changes in the moment. As I say in my book,
In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, "Change becomes the familiar structure." It is as though a change grid is forming over the earth to hold the vibration of this monumental amount of change.

Expect the change that is happening this month to be permanent. I have noticed several themes for this year: expect things to do a 360 (see my January 2009 blog) and only forward motion. There is no going back. What you choose to change now you will live with for a long time. Choose wisely. Take your time, unless something or someone comes to you suddenly and you know in your heart it is part of your path.
You may feel that you are being pulled in two different directions. Look again. Perhaps it looks like two different directions to your old way of thinking. Think again. Reconsider. What appears to be in opposition is just the flip side of the same coin. Find your silver lining.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life

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