Thursday, January 15, 2009


It started several nights ago in a dream. I dreamed I was looking at what I thought was a submarine because of its shape and it is was on the surface of the water. I had the feeling the people on board were afraid but that everything would be okay. Later in the same dream, I found myself on a ship listing sharply. I noticed I was not afraid even though the ship turned over under the water and righted itself. I knew through the whole experience everything would be fine.

After watching the news this evening, I realize that the submarine I thought I saw in my dream was actually an airplane, most likely the US Airways plane that crash landed on the Hudson River. It must have been terrifying for the passengers and crew, wondering if they were about to lose their lives. Miraculously, everyone survived. What appeared to be a tragedy quickly turned around and became a miracle.
The universe wants to come 360 and turn adversity into advantage. Only a complete turn of events is satisfactory for this new year. Calm through chaos. Blessings through adversity. Such is the energy of 2009.

While thankfully I haven't experienced things this extreme, I have had experiences since 2009 began that appeared to be not so pleasant and almost immediately turned themselves 360 degrees and became miraculous.
When I saw that my latest heating bill was almost $1000, I admit I had an emotional response although I stayed calm. I always say that everything is a gift and the gift from this experience came quickly. The high fuel bill made possible the experience and feeling of total love and faith in me as someone close to me offered to help pay the bill. The real gift was not the money. It was the unconditional love and care that was given to me. That, my friends, is priceless.

So as 2009 continues to unfold, watch for complete turn of events. Remember, this too shall pass - quickly. Stay calm in chaos. Expect miracles and love even more deeply than you thought possible.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
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