Monday, January 21, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

The beginning of a new year reminds me to pay attention to the cycles in my life. This year, 2008, carries the energy of new beginnings. If you add the numbers in 2008 together, you get 10. If you add the 1 and the 0 together, you get the number 1. Numerology tells us that one carries the energy of new beginnings as it is the first integer. Not only are we starting a new 365 day cycle, we are starting a much larger cycle with this year of new beginnings. Of all the new beginnings I imagine for 2008, I never imagined what has already begun.

Last year was the year of completion. If you add the numbers in 2007 together, it equals 9. Nine is the last integer and it carries the energy of completion. 2007 ended with completing the greatest full circle of all for me.

When I decided to go on the road this past fall, a friend kept asking me to come to California first to visit her. I was feeling it was more important to go back to my place of birth first to bring that cycle of my life to completion. California, in my mind at the time, was the last big leg of my journey.

In mid December, I headed for northern California and worked my way down to my friend's house just before the holidays. Prior to going on the road, I was told that my former partner had sold the house in New York and was traveling across country as well. What I didn't know was that my former partner and I were to meet the day after Christmas through this mutual friend.

Our higher selves are quite clever. They sometimes orchestrate things we in the physical would not choose to do. It ended up that we spent New Year's together and I traveled with my former partner and her mini schnauzer, who looks similar to the dog we used to have, for several weeks. It almost felt like we were a family again, except we are different now. We have grown and changed. While I was in New York, my former partner had sent me an email saying thank you for waking me up. I wrote the blog, Clarion Call, about the email as it was such an activation for me. That email provided an opening for me to revisit our relationship.

After catching up on what happened in our lives over the past couple of years, I realized one of the reasons why we went through so much pain and separation. I realized the gift I had given her. We created a situation requiring tough love on my part to allow for awakening on my former partner's part.
Over the past several weeks, we healed our old wounds and became friends again. Like suturing a deep cut, we ended 2007 and began 2008 together, weaving the past into the present like one continuous thread. We both see the gift from the past now in the present. My gifts, along with our new friendship, are a huge heart opening for me and the realization of the power of forgiveness.

Thank you higher self for always knowing what's best for me. 2008 is going to be magical, mystical and beyond my wildest dreams!

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life

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