Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shifting into High

I have often likened the energies of the past year or so as moving through the gears of a manual transmission. After all, we are on the move energetically and receive pretty constant transmissions of information. So when the transmission started to go in my now former vehicle, I knew it was time for me to shift into the "next gear" of my life.

I remember shortly after I purchased my former vehicle, I was having a session with my counseling astrologer. My partner at the time dropped me off for the session and went about doing errands. The astrologer's office overlooks the street below and as I noticed my then new vehicle driving past, I pointed it out to her. The astrologer said, "That's the vehicle you are going to do your journeying in." Little did she or I know that I would literally journey 2500 miles away from my home to journey within myself for four years. After that, I journeyed across the country to promote my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, among other things. I knew that when it was time to let this vehicle go, it would symbolize the end of this chapter in my life. A chapter that lead to my self-discovery, self-love, and soul's purpose.

Just this past week, I purchased another vehicle which, interestingly enough, is the same year, 2003, and same color, gold, as my last vehicle, with about 70,000 fewer miles. If you have read my past blogs, you know that the number 5, the number of change, has been showing up in my life recently. It is interesting that I purchased another 2003 vehicle, which the numbers added together, equal 5. More change. It is also interesting that this vehicle is also gold. My last gold vehicle allowed me to travel to find the riches within. This "new used" vehicle will allow me to find the riches without. Even more interesting, I purchased a Highlander. While it seems that I have come full circle with purchasing this vehicle, I know that I am now entering the next level of the spiral of my life.

Full circles abound in my life now. It is as though I am sewing up every last little hole so that I will move forward with a clean slate. From my last two blogs, you know that another full circle with a past relationship is in the process of completing. What you don't know is that I recently rented the house that my former partner and I used to own. It is almost as if each of the 360 degrees (notice that 3+6+0=9, the number for completion) needed to complete a circle have to be honored before I can move into "high" gear.

Things are definitely shifting in my life. As soon as I decided to rent the house, it happened quickly and easily. As soon as I decided to purchase another vehicle, I found the ideal vehicle within a week. Whatever I have asked for lately, has come almost effortlessly and in record time. The energies are shifting into a higher level, one that will lead us to the accelerated manifestation phase I have talked about.

I have a feeling that this solstice will be the turning point for this accelerated manifestation phase. It feels like the energies are coming to a head and any and everything is possible now. We are sailing in a sea of endless possibilities, listing to and fro, until we become crystal clear about what we choose to manifest. Then our thoughts chart the course and immediately bring to us what our hearts desire.

Just as with an automobile, it takes less and less energy to shift into the next higher gear of our lives. Once we are in high, shifting into overdrive will take even less energy. We have overcome the bulk of the inertia of the past and as the Borg from Star Trek: First Contact said, "Resistance is futile." With each addition of momentum, we release more and more resistance to living our hearts' desires.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
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