Friday, May 18, 2007

Coming Home

An interesting title for my first blog. I have been asked by several friends lately, when are you coming home? Home? The east coast is no longer my home. I live in Sedona, Arizona. Then I asked myself, "Is Sedona my home?" The answer came immediately. No. So where is home?

Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes. My heart is the center of my being, the core essence of who I am. After all, the heart has been associated with the emotion of love for centuries. Love is who we are, the "stuffings" of the universe. If I follow my heart, I am not following someone or something outside of myself. I am following an internal compass, a homing device, if you will, within my heart. As long as I follow the tracking beam of my homing device, I am good to go. It is similar to an ancient Chinese device used to find their way back home. They placed a wooden statue of their emperor, arm outstretched and finger pointing, atop a cart. Underneath the cart was a series of cogs that would turn as the wheels turned. As the cart was pulled, the wooden statue would turn in such a way as to always point toward home, no matter which direction the cart was pulled or how far away from home it was.

My heart has pulled me in many different directions, some thousands of miles away from "home." I imagine that some of my friends and family wonder about my wanderings. We all have our own path to follow. The heart knows what no one else has seen.

Do you know where home is? What is at the core or heart of your essence?

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To answer the question posed by my friends back east - I am always home.