Sunday, May 24, 2009

Locked In

For a while last year, I had client after client tell me they feel "stuck." The feeling of not being able to move forward is an illusion since everything in the universe is in motion. It is our human perception that gives us the appearance of stagnation.

I came up with an analogy for this experience that is also appropriate to describe the current energies. I grew up in a small town on the Erie Canal so it was easy for me to come up with the analogy of a canal system with a series of locks. Locks are used to raise or lower the barge depending on the level of the canal. Once a barge enters a lock, the gates behind and in front of the barge are closed. Water is then allowed to enter or exit the lock depending on the topography. While the barge is in the lock, it appears it is not moving relative to its immediate environment, even though water is flowing into or out of the chamber.

Which brings me to the current energies. It may appear that there is no outward movement. We can feel that our next mission is so close we can touch it and yet, it seems as though we are not progressing. We are like the barge in a lock. Until we allow in just the right amount of energy, we cannot move forward into the higher level of ourselves. Until the gates to the new kingdom are opened, we are locked in. We have also "locked in" on our target - who we really are and why we came. There is no need to wonder if we will arrive. Our guidance system is true.

Currently, there is much going on in our inner worlds. If we choose to scale a mountain, we must prepare at all levels. Physically, I am preparing for the new energies by hiking and working in the yard to stay grounded. Mentally, I scan my every thought to insure it is not limiting me. I open my mind to all possibilities and to the possibility that I may do things that I never dreamed of doing. Emotionally, I allow myself to feel every emotion without losing my center. Spiritually, I stay tuned into my energy, adjusting it as needed through meditation, music, toning, or being out in nature.

So here we are, preparing to scale to heights we have not yet attained. If we embark unprepared, we will not reach the top. Once our lock is full and the gate is open, we will move swiftly and easily into our higher level of being - into who we truly are.

The gates will open in June and after a short period of integration, we will know and feel we are at another level in July. Are you ready to allow joy, peace, love, and abundance to fill your life? Now is the time to prepare.

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