Monday, March 21, 2011

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Before I begin, my heart goes out to people all over the world as we all go through our trials and tribulations of rebirth.  My gratitude to the people of Japan for being the example of calm and poise in the midst of chaos.

We began the final wave of the Mayan Calendar just a week and a half ago.  The acceleration during this "wave" is like the roadrunner cartoon character on steroids.  Adding some lighter fluid to the fire, Uranus entered Aries on 3/11, the day of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The symbols from this event are unmistakable: the ninth wave began just two days before the giant wave of the tsunami and the date of the disaster, if written the way most of the world writes it, would look like 11-3-11.  Elevens are gateways and this month of March signifies our entry into accelerated change of all kinds.

Within one month, governments have changed, thousands have died or are missing in an earthquake and tsunami of historic proportions that may lead to another Chernobyl, volcanoes have erupted, floods continue in the US and around the world, and now we are on the verge of yet another war.  What gate did we just walk through?
On a personal level, we are all experiencing the effects of the earth changes in our own ways.  The electromagnetic field around our hearts is connected to the earth's electromagnetic field, which is decreasing.  In many ways, we are witnessing the death of Mother Earth before her rebirth.  For weeks, I have felt like my life force was being drained out of me.  Hum,I must have walked through the pearly gate!  I wonder if I should update my will?

The answer to that question is yes, but not in the 3D sense of updating a will.  My personal will to do, to be, needs updating.  As I begin the chapter on alignment in my next book and consciously choose to align my will with divine will, I realized that once again, I am living my book.  The gateway I entered is one of realigning my life purpose with that of the universe.  This realignment is so big that my old self has to "die" to make room for the new.
Perhaps you have recently felt the deep exhaustion.  You think you slept well the night before and wake up only to want to go back to bed.  Everything is an effort.  Not only is everything an effort, I have wondered why I am doing it?  I look around and I don't understand anything or want to be here in this old world.  It looks foreign, falling apart, and far from being in harmony with who I am now.  There is so much of a schism that things we take for granted look foreign.  Why do we need automobiles?  What is this device for?  Why would you build a building that way?  Why do most people give up their lives to just work and sleep and do it again and again and again?  I don't get it!  I haven't for a while but it has now reached a new level, one of total disconnect.  Stop the world, I want to get off!

Clearly, monumental changes are needed but it is not quite time yet to implement all of them.  We are still in the birth canal.  While we are in this in-between state it is best that we prepare.  Prepare for more earth changes, more political unrest, and more internal changes as we birth who we really are.  Have compassion and hold space for those who don't realize the extent of this change.  They are going through a consciousness shift every eighteen days like the rest of us.   

Soon we will be called to step into our new roles and new persona.  Others may not recognize us and that's okay.  It is our job to be their mirrors and show them who they truly are.  We may all like to stop the world and get off right now and the reason why we came to earth this life is to help her through this transition.  I know we will do just that!