Monday, October 17, 2011

Allow, Accept, Remember

We are the author of our life's story.  Chapters begin and chapters end.  In this lifetime of writing multiple volumes and not just chapters,  I recently completed volume one.  After completing a volume, it is best to rest, recoup, and reflect for what is coming will not look at all like the previous volume.

This year of stillness seemed like a never-ending period of mercury retrograde on steroids.  All of the "re's" came to visit.  In addition to the three "re's" I listed above, revamp, rehash, redo, revisit, revise, rethink, reorder, re-imagine, and even rewire came to add to the fun.  Does anyone feel remotely like the person he or she was last year, last month, yesterday?!  The best way I can describe this year for me is I went on an extended writer's retreat, had writer's block the whole time, and yet couldn't or wouldn't leave.

When do I get to start volume two?!  Every time I compose a beginning - a workshop here, a book promotion there - the universe takes the paper and crumples it up.  More rewrite.  The old is done.  The only "re" I cannot do is recreate what was.  Volume two cannot be written by the same person who wrote volume one. 

It is as if I stepped into a whole new world and I am disoriented.  Where am I?  How do I navigate?  How do I communicate?  What in this world do I do next?!  What came to me the other night are three words that someone used as their topic for a speech I heard years ago:  allow, accept, and remember. 

Allow the universe to flow through me.  Allow myself to be taken care.  Allow my abundance to flow from and to me.  Allow myself to love and be loved.  Allow myself to feel joy.  Allow what is next to come to me.  Allow myself to be who I really am. 

Accept where I am.  Accept what the universe has given me.  Accept my power.  Accept my gifts.  Accept who I am.

Remember my agreement before I embodied.  Remember my origin.  Remember who I truly am.

Only by allowing, accepting, and remembering who I really am, can I begin the next volume of my life and live my life's true purpose.  Knowing it is one thing, living it is a whole other thing.