Sunday, October 11, 2009

Idling in Neutral

My July blog was about reaching zero point. It has taken three months for us to integrate enough of this energy to actually feel it in our bodies and see the outward manifestation of it in our lives. Fatigue and lethargy seem to be the prominent physical manifestations, while neutrality about anything and everything seems to have immobilized us from moving on our outward manifestation.

The current energy is a spiritual no man's land - quite literally for me as I have yet to find a place to live that feels right. In this no man's land we may feel totally detached and choose to detach from the 3D reality. We may have the urge to move away from urban areas, find a community of like-minded people, live in a "green" home, off the land, and off the grid.

It has been a long and at times arduous process for us to release and release, transmute and transmute the lower vibrational "baggage" we all packed. I must have thought I was going on an a hugely extended stay when I packed my "bags" before arriving on earth this lifetime. In the past three months, I have unpacked so much energetic and karmic baggage that when I think about it, I literally get dizzy. Oh but there's more! There always is and the next big purge is coming between mid October and mid November. For those who are dedicated to self growth, it is like going through airport security, everyone one of your bags opened, the contents dumped onto the table, and each piece inspected. How's that for "homeland" security!

What is the "security" about? It is about being secure in who we are. It is about knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt who we and why we are here. It is about believing in ourselves, trusting in our unique divine blueprint, and the one Source of All. As I say in my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, "Your security is directly proportional to your faith."

While it feels like we are idling in neutral with no apparent motion, it is important to note we are not in park. When a vehicle is in neutral, it can be moved by outside forces. When it is in park, the vehicle normally cannot be moved. We are transmuting and integrating a gargantuan amount of energy while we are in neutral, which started after the summer solstice. This monumental move up in frequency cycle will end on the 11/11/11 gateway next month, when we finally get the green light to shift into drive.

For now, go within and do your inner work. Just be and be grateful...for everything.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
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