Friday, September 12, 2008

Laying the Foundation

The person that I am mentoring in sacred geometry asked if the next lesson would be centered around the number four. Immediately the tetrahedron and the four-pointed base of the pyramid come to mind. Numerologically, foundation, completion, success, and earth come to mind for the number four. To Pythagoras, the number four represented perfection, harmonious proportion, and divinity. So why did the number four come to the "fore"front in my life now?

The number four appears in my numerology as a master builder - one who works hard and is determined to lay the proper foundation to create something solid and lasting. It feels like I am laying the footers for the foundation of my life's work. I am networking with so many people and offering workshops and sessions in such a short period of time that it amazes me. When we align our energy with that of our heart's desire, we align with our heart's exact coordinates in the matrix.

Pinpointing our heart's exact harmonic residence is like connecting to a worm hole or portal. In no time, we are swept off to another physical location. For me, that was New York. This new location has its own consciousness matrix and I felt like a fish out of water for a while until I was able to explore it. Like dialing the numbers on a phone, I sent out different tones to connect with the appropriate parties. Many are answering the call.

Laying a foundation is hard work. Here in the northeast, most foundations are created by first digging deep into the earth, laying the forms to pour the footers, and then laying cement blocks upon the footers. We have already dug deep within ourselves and excavated much of the old. As we align with our heart's mission, the forms are carefully laid. When we open our hearts, we allow love to pour forth and fill the forms. Love is the foundation upon which all of our work is performed.

We are now laying the blocks one at a time and applying the mud to hold them together to create a solid foundation. Where in your life do you see yourself laying a foundation for your work? Are you taking the time to keep the blocks in alignment?

Laying a solid foundation is so critical to the success of our work. Even though it feels tedious and tiring, it is worth every minute of it. After all, we are laying the foundation for the New Earth. Talk about extreme home makeover! Take your time. Check your measurements. Drink plenty of water. Take frequent breaks. Look at what you are creating from time to time. See that it is good.

I commend all of you for your hard work and dedication. The pillars of our new society are about to be raised. Many blessings to you and much, much gratitude.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.