Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 - Living Our Heart's Desire

I wasn't surprised when I heard that the most used word in 2014 wasn't a word but the heart symbol also known as an emoji ( I wasn't surprised because I had named 2014 the year of the heart back in February (scroll down to read my 2/15/2014 blog). We commonly associate love, compassion, emotion, passion, and joy with the heart. The heart also symbolizes wisdom and intuition, both feminine qualities. What makes the use of the heart emoji so significant is that our focus has changed from head-centered living to heart-centered living. The world has declared the importance of the heart and all it represents.

If 2014 was the year of the heart, 2015 may be known as the year we finally get to live our heart's desire. The heart regains its rightful place as ruler of our souls and destiny. What our heart wants, our heart gets. As each of us follow the promptings of our hearts, we fulfill our role in "heartmonizing" the planet. We create a harmonious new world based on love.

We can't just think our way through the enormous problems this world faces - we must let our hearts lead the way. "What the mind cannot comprehend, the heart already knows" is a quote from my book, Hardwired to Heaven. Our hearts are hardwired to the cosmic intelligence and know more than our brains could ever imagine. The Institute for HeartMath has conducted research to show that our heart receives intuitive information well before our brain. Our heart is really mission control, but we have let our brain, the "space shuttle" of our body, set the course. 2015 will bring major societal and individual course corrections to align us with our heart's truest desires.

The earth has been aligning with the center or "heart" of the galaxy since 1980. This process of passing through the galactic alignment zone will be complete in 2016. It is time for us to align our hearts with the One Heart that beats for all. At the heart of the Universe is a spiraling intelligence called love. This year, we get to tap into the infinite power of the heart and create our deepest desires.