Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zero Point

Zero point. Still point. Electromagnetic null zone. Neutrality. The last judgment. The second resurrection. Ascension.

Many of you may have heard and read about these terms. Until now, they were just concepts. For the lightworkers these terms are now becoming real. I realized about a week ago that we, "the ones we have been waiting for," are at zero point. Things have come to a standstill or still point. Perhaps you have felt it: the need for extra sleep and frequent naps, the calm before the storm, and the feeling that our divine timing is not quite here and yet is within our reach. We are standing at the precipice of the new world whose gate is about to open.

sicists describe zero point as a point of super-concentrated energy. These zero points exist within the zero point energy field that can be described as the energy that remains after all other energy is removed from any system. This means that the amount of energy in any system can never reach zero or as Newton described it, energy can never be destroyed. Since we are made of energy, we, too, are eternal. It also makes us rethink the meaning of the term "void."

Think of space as filled with these zero points that represent hyperspatial en
ergy and serve as gateways to other dimensions. According to David Shiga, who published an article entitled, "Could Black Holes be Portals to Other Universes?" in the New Scientist 4/24/2007: "Einstein's theory of general relativity says black holes should form whenever matter is squeezed into a small enough space." He goes on to say that black holes are most likely wormholes, which warp the space-time continuum and connect one place in the universe to another. Look at this image of the flower of life from which all forms in the universe arise. One could say that this is the matrix or zero point energy field from which everything originates. When these circles within circles cross and form a point, these points that are created are zero points or portals.

What does it mean to be at zero point? The veils are being lifted. Our thoughts begin to manifest almost immediately. We can literally travel "down the rabbit hole." The pendulum is at its equilibrium position. People and systems can now become balanced. The masculine and feminine energies within each of us are in harmony. Any build up of charge around any person or circumstance can now be easily neutralized. We are experiencing a collective Sacrament of Reconciliation. Each of us are balancing our own set of karmic books and worn out belief systems. As we reconcile the books to bring them to a zero balance, we become congruent. The word reconciliation means the process of making consistent or congruous. Who we really are now matches how we portray ourselves in the world.

Our journey ultimately leads us back to the "void" from whence we came. The accumulated mass of polarities has shifted to the neutral zone. Here all duality of positive and negative ceases to exist. The final accounting of your life's ledger clears all debits and credits. We return to the zero point, the stillness, the void, love itself. All charges or attachments to things or people, be they positive or negative, are discharged and replaced with compassionate detachment. I know you are connected to me and I am connected to you through the divine matrix or zero point energy field and therefore, separation at this level cannot exist. We are part of the One Source of All. With this wisdom, there can be no judgment, for if I judge you, I also judge myself. The last judgment is upon us.

As the Earth creates shifts in her poles, we, too, shift our attention from duality to neutrality. Things, circumstances, and people are no longer good or evil, they just are. This is the true awakening to zero point.

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
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