Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's in a name?

A name calls forth a particular vibration or sound. In the beginning was the word, the first breath of the universe breathing life into existence. Our names embody our existence. They breathe life into us.

For years I have been intrigued by a place near the ocean that breathes in part of my essence, part of who I am, because of its name. Mystic. What’s in this name?

Yesterday, I was mostly directionless and surrendered fully to each moment. I stopped at a motel that just didn’t feel right, so I left and kept driving. And driving. Until I ended up at my sister’s house downstate, as New Yorkers call it. I am so close to Connecticut, I thought. So, I decided to visit that place by the ocean with the intriguing name.

Here I am, in Mystic, Connecticut, the mystic in Mystic. As soon as I arrived, I drove to the seaport to smell the salty sea air. It has been over 15 years since I lived about a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. It felt good. It felt sacred. I wanted to hug the water. I felt so connected to it that I wanted to jump in and feel it surround me. “I can’t swim,” I thought. It didn’t matter. The water felt like my mother and I just wanted to be in her arms. I knew I would be safe. I imagined myself in the water, gently held in her arms, being rocked back and forth, following the flow of each wave. It was then I realized how much I missed the water, having lived in the high desert the past three years.

Atop the Mystic River drawbridge, I said the words that Dr. Emoto uses to raise the vibration of water. “Water I thank you. Water I respect you. Water I love you.” I thought about how precious water is and about the people of Atlanta who are facing a water shortage. My heart filled with emotion.

Water is symbolic of emotion. How interesting that the man who has now devoted his life to water is named Emoto. What’s in a name? Emotions are flowing on the east coast as many states are experiencing historic drought conditions and on the west coast as many lose homes and businesses to devastating fires. Fire and water. Earth and air. We have forgotten the elementals, our fundamental building blocks. We have forgotten that we are first spiritual beings, then physical beings. We have forgotten that we are all mystics - that everything is part of us, part of Source. We are part of the water, fire, earth, and air.

As I tour the area, I notice there are very few places that are overtly “mystical;” a tarot reader here, a mystical hometown author there. Interestingly, I feel my mysticism even more. I am in my joy and live as if I have all the time and money in the world. For in the words of an inspirational speaker I heard years ago, “If you believe it, be “live” it. We are all called to live the life of a mystic while still taking care of the kids, going to board meetings, and working two jobs. If we send the message to the universe that we will only accept our grandest and greatest vision of ourselves and our lives, that is exactly what the universe sends back to us in reply.

What’s in a name? Everything.

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Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life.
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Returning to the Flock

In the movie, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Jonathan knows there is more to life than what the majority of his flock believes. So, he sets out to fly faster than any seagull has flown before and eventually accomplishes his goal. The flock perceives his flying as reckless and are not yet able to open to a more expanded perspective similar to Jonathan's. As such, fear takes over and they label Jonathan as an outcast. Nevertheless, Jonathan continues his pursuit of flying faster as he travels the world alone. Jonathan is mentored by a divine master seagull after his ascension. After many "lessons," the master knows Jonathan is now ready to share what he has remembered with others. As such, the master says to Jonathan, "Jonathan, it's time to return to the flock." Although reluctant to go at first, Jonathan soon realizes deep inside that he, too, is a master and returns to his flock.

Indeed, it is time for me and other lightworkers to return to the "flock" and begin the next level of our work. It is time for us to realize our mastery and inspire others to live their mastery.

After almost 3000 miles, I have returned to my "flock." I am now back in Central NY, my birthplace. I know it is important for me to begin the next level of my soul work and mastery here in NY.

Seagulls have been appearing to me since visiting Sandusky, Ohio. As I was getting into my car this morning, I looked up and there was a seagull. Of course there is more to the sightings than just "returning to the flock." Masters at moving through the three worlds they inhabit - air, water, and land -seagulls are as much at home on land as they are in the air or at sea, easily bridging heaving and earth. Something I find increasingly easy to do.

What I find challenging is adjusting to total surrender, allowing the road, the land, and the moment to guide me.
I am slowly adjusting to living on the road, surrendering a little more each day, allowing my divine plan to unfold, moment by moment. In truth, the lesson of surrender is applicable for more than just living on the road. It is a life lesson. Act in accordance with your divine plan and then, get out of your way.

As I organize talks and book signings, I remember to get out of my way. I surrender to the flow of energy for the day - I plan when it feels right, and play when it feels right. All things in balance.

One of my stops along the way was at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Immense red and white rock formations emerge in stark contrast to the green trees, endless blue skies, and breathtaking view of Pikes Peak. Every formation has been given a name. One is appropriately named balance rock, a large boulder that sits balanced upon another rock formation. After obliging a couple to take their picture in front of balance rock, the woman asked if I wanted my picture taken in front of the rock. Staying in the moment, I realized just how perfect it was, and of course said yes. I now have the energy of balance intermingled with mine on a snapshot. Balance is key, especially for these changing times. It is our essential state. Just as joy and abundance are when we live our soul's passion and purpose.

As I continue to live my passion and purpose to assist others in realizing their own passion and purpose, I am grateful to have returned to the "flock." I am grateful for each moment I bring some light and love to someone whom I haven't yet met and remind myself and others that we are all connected. No one is a stranger...we are all part of the one flock.

Joanathan, it's time to return to the flock."

Here I am, universe. Grateful to be of service.

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Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
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