Thursday, April 9, 2020

Zero Point

2020 is the beginning of the end of the world as we have known it, especially for the United States. The US is experiencing its Pluto return – a time when it will undergo deep transformation and change that may be painful but well worth it in the end.

When a ball loses its momentum as it rolls up an incline, it stops for a brief moment and then slowly begins moving in the opposite direction, gaining momentum as it moves down the incline. Think of the United States as that ball. It has exhausted all of its energy to continue moving in the direction that it has been going and has stopped. We are at that crucial pivotal point. What does it mean to be in this standstill, void, nothingness, or zero point?

It is during this standstill that we come face-to-face with what we have done collectively and individually to contribute to the energy that got us here. We see that we have created a world where corruption is king, where profit was placed over people, where we took for granted all that the Earth gives us and in return we polluted her, where the few ultra-rich live off the backs of the many who struggle daily to make a living, where we allow people to go homeless or hungry even though there is more than enough to go around, a world where human beings have been violated and used for another’s pleasure…I could go on but you get my point. It’s time to look within and see where each of us has contributed to this either through complacency, partaking in the greed machine, or by simply giving away our power.

Just as this coronavirus is taking the last breath of so many of its victims, it is also taking the last breath from the way we lived. How many times can we try to resuscitate that which hasn’t the energy to continue? Will we resuscitate a world that is way past its shelf life or will we allow it to pass in order to create a better world? Choosing a new world is difficult because it can bring up even more fear – the fear of the unknown. It is human nature to want things to stay the same because it gives us a sense of security. I dare say that a sense of security is felt by many now.

Endings and loss come in various ways and we are experiencing a multitude of them. Millions have lost their jobs and many jobs may not return. For over a month, many people could not hug their friends and family, go to school, or sit in a restaurant and enjoy a beautiful meal together. Many have lost loved ones without being able to say good-bye. Thousands are grieving these losses. There will be more waves of grief as more of the old ways end. In Chinese medicine, the lungs hold the emotion of grief. Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory illness affecting the lungs. As hard as the letting go is, it is allowing us to heal by feeling our grief. In a bizarre twist of fate, covid-19 is not only the catalyst for these endings and loss, it is also the catalyst for the mass healing that we are experiencing. 

Along with this mass healing is a mass awakening. The influx of cosmic rays since the sun has been quiet is changing our DNA. Lightworkers, wayshowers, and the like had the luxury of decades to awaken while many today will be thrown into a whirlwind of awakening energy with little time to process. They will need our assistance. This is the time for which we have been preparing. Offer your services now to as many as you can and keep in mind that those services may be changing.  

As hard as I know we will work to help others in their awakening, it may not be enough. These are challenging times and there are more challenges ahead. Even with having all the tools in our tool box, some may not choose to stay. There will come a time of spiritual triage where some choose not to go forward, others will need extra care, and some will need minor assistance. Prepare now. Get your talks, handouts, herbs, oils, massage tables, etc. ready. Oh, and don’t forget to use those tools yourself for we will soon be on the front lines.

An off-shoot of the pandemic is the temporary, or perhaps not so temporary, loss of our personal freedom. Already there is talk of requiring testing and/or a vaccination record for each person before they can return to work. Will we be given a choice whether we want to receive a vaccination once a vaccine is available? Our movements are already being tracked using our cell phones. When is it appropriate to temporarily waive our civil liberties for the good of all? Be prepared to answer such questions.

Conspiracy theories have been going wild lately and will probably continue as the energy is ripe for this. Do your research. Use your own intuition and follow only that!

This brings me to one of the themes for 2020 – personal empowerment. If we want to create a world better than what we just had, it is up to each of us to stand in our power and voice our concerns, say no when needed, and set clear boundaries. Some countries have already banned the use of 5G because of its detrimental health effects. We can join movements that promote what we choose to create now. Be proactive. Let your voice be heard. The internet and various newer technologies will play an important role in this time of transition. They will be the life blood for movements and groups to organize and share information.

We are living in a time where each of us must be our most authentic self while also being part of the larger whole. The decisions we make must take into account individual and group needs along with how each decision will impact our environment and the generations to come.

Covid-19  Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The coronavirus is named that because its appearance looks similar to the corona of the sun. Not coincidentally, solar cycle 26 will begin during the pandemic. Watch for more sunspot activity and increased Earth changes especially two weeks before to two weeks after the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer on June 21, the solstice.

Corona around the sun during a solar eclipse

Watch for more upheaval this fall with uncertainty around the Presidential election. There may be riots and protesting.

Think outside of the box, WAY outside! We must think differently now. We are entering unknown territory. The key is that we cannot go back to the old. Saturn in Aquarius will help us find new ways of structuring our new society. Unfortunately, Saturn goes retrograde in early July until mid-December. There will be set backs and delays, trial and error. We won’t see things really coming into tangible form until 2021.

One lesson from this pandemic is that where and how we live needs to change. Crowded cities are not sustainable and are sitting targets for pandemics, Earth changes, terrorism, riots, and the like. We need to create small self-sufficient sustainable communities off the grid. I have been saying this since 2008. NOW is the time.

One blessing from the pandemic is that the Earth is starting to regenerate. The pollution cleared from Wuhan and the Himalayas are now visible for the first time in 30 years. We can make this world a better place for all and living in small self-sufficient sustainable communities is one way we can accomplish this.

Even though we are sequestered in our homes, people are feeling more connected than ever. Hearts are opening and there are countless stories of people donating their time, talents, and money to help others in this time of need. As we awaken, our hearts open. As hearts open, more love pours forth. Love is our secret weapon. It is our ultimate power.

Several fellow lightworkers, including myself, have recently returned to their hometown. I think this is symbolic of us having completed one leg of the spiral of life. We are at the end of an era. The door to the old closed at the Christmastime eclipse of 2019. It may have been the most bizarre and yet beautiful Christmas gift we have received. It is up to us to unwrap it now, step into Christ consciousness, and create a world based in love, where everyone has enough, and where we all live in right relationship with each other, every living thing, and the Earth. Following every ending is a new beginning.

Zero point energy is a physics term used to describe the energy of a system. Zero point is when the system reaches the lowest amount of energy it can hold. Paradoxically, this point also surpasses all physical energy by a factor of 1040. Zero point energy is found at the center of black holes and at the center of the torus-shaped unified field of energy. The electromagnetic field around the human heart is shaped like a torus. I wrote in Hardwired to Heaven that there is a special place in each of our hearts that contains our own zero point. Each heart holds an unfathomable amount of creative energy.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to create a new country and a new world. How will you use your creative energy? Every heart counts.